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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Congressman Warns: Those Who Can, Should Move Their Families Out Of the City


"My greatest wealth is the deep stillness in which I strive and grow and win what the world cannot take from me with fire or sword" - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe



Pic De Jour

American income inequality ignorance

Welcome to Ameristan, courtesy of the last several administrations, where:

1. Congress is the acquisition of the major corporations which fund election campaigns.

2. The rule of law has crumbled; the protections under the Bill of Rights and Constitution exist no more for ordinary US citizens. With the extension of the Patriot Act, the foundation for jurisprudence has been thrown under the proverbial bus, and now - in true Code Napoleon fashion - all Americans are considered guilty until proven innocent, by a government which is terrified of their own people.

3. Jobs are allowed to be offshored, through loopholes in the corporate tax code, giving corporations the opportunity to profit from moving what were American jobs overseas, and paying very little, if any taxes, on their profits.

4. Many people who have lost those jobs are now barely surviving, scrambling to find several minimum-wage jobs to replace the decent jobs they had, and a large number of them, including our Vets,find themselves homeless.

5. The bailouts to Wall Street and the banks have stayed in Wall Street and the banks, with executives racking up enormous salaries and bonuses while US Main Street is frozen solid in a state of economic Depression.

6. The infrastructure is collapsing, but no one has the money to fix it.

“America was a country that sort of stayed together historically with great unity on the glue that we all figured if we worked hard and played by the rules we’d do better than our parents and they’d do better than their parents and our kids would do better than us,” said Max Fraad Wolff, a senior analyst at Greencrest Capital.

Economists say that is no longer the case in the United States, and tha twe’ve gone from being one of the most upwardly mobile countries in the developing world, to the least, a trend that changed course in the 1970’s. Perhaps one reason is that the amount of money made by CEO’s in this country has skyrocketed while that of minimum wage workers has actually gone down since the 1990’s.

Al Qaeda (Translated means 'The Toilet') Has Planted Nuclear Bombs Under Government Buildings?! Government Insults Our Intelligence

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Quote De Jour

"And the bewildered herd is still believing Everything we've been told from our birth. Hell they won't lie to me
Not on my own dam TV. But how much is a liar's word worth and what happened to peace on earth" - Willie Nelson

THE POLICE STATE DEEPENS: We've Gone from a Nation of Laws to a Nation of Powerful Men Making Laws in Secret

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that judges can throw out cases because they don't like or believe the plaintiff ... even before anyone has had the chance to conduct discovery to prove their case. In other words, judges' secret biases can be the basis for denying people their day in court, without even having to examine the facts.

Claims of national security are being used to keep the shenanigans of the biggest banks an corporations secret, and to crush dissent.

But this essay focuses on something else: the fact that the laws themselves are now being kept secret...

72% Of The US Below Normal Temperatures In May

Climate midgets (McKibben, Cook, Romm, etc.) have been claiming that the extreme US weather this month is due to warming. They say that warm air holds more moisture, so we get more rain and violent weather....The warm air only exists in their mind though.....

POLICE STATE NEWS:The Government's War on Cameras!

Obama Spouts New World Order Agenda In Berlin

Friday, May 27, 2011

Wake UP

There █████ █ ████ is ███ █ no █████ █ ████ problem █ ████ █████ █ ████ everything ███ █████ is█████ ████ ████ fine ████ ███ ██████ trust ███ ██████ ███ your █████ ████ government....

The Chemtrail Song: "A Plane Trail of Deadly Deception" by trillion

Thought De Jour

"Look To This Day For it is Life, the very Life of Life. In Its brief course lie all the Verities and Realities of your existence; The Bliss of Growth; The Glory of Action; The Splendor of Beauty; For Yesterday is but a Dream, And tomorrow is only a Vision: But Today well lived makes every Yesterday a Dream of Happiness, and Every Tomorrow a Vision of Hope. Look well, therefore, to This Day!" - From the Sanskrit

Quote De Jour

"As the mainstream media has become increasingly dependent on advertising revenues for support, it has become an anti--democratic force in society." - Robert McChesney, journalist

POLICE STATE NEWS:Seattle to withhold names of Abusive Police

The Secret Police have arrived in Seattle...They can now beat, break bones and even shoot people and their names will be kept secret from the public!

Ron Paul Telling The Truth About America

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scientists cure cancer, but no one takes notice

Researchers at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Canada have cured cancer last week, yet there is a little ripple in the news or in TV. It is a simple technique using very basic drug. The method employs dichloroacetate, which is currently used to treat metabolic disorders. So, there is no concern of side effects or about their long term effects....

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Quote De Jour

"The modern liberal state ... often uses deception to gain its ends -- not so much deception of the foreign enemy, but of its own citizens,who have been taught to trust their leaders." - Howard Zinn,1952 speech, Zinn is a historian and author

POLICE STATE NEWS: Police Tasers 10 yr old girl for not going to bed

73,846 US Soldiers Dead from both Gulf Wars, How they manipulated the numbers to fool you

The actual figures have been hidden from the American public just like the returning, flag draped coffins were censored from the press. But the figures are now available and we can only hope that the American people will be outraged when they learn how they have been misled.

According to The Department of Veterans Affairs reports in the Gulf War Veterans Information System reveal these startling numbers:

Total U.S. Military Gulf War Deaths: 73,846
* Deaths amongst Deployed: 17,847
* Deaths amongst Non-Deployed: 55,999

The stastics for non-lethal injuries are likewise staggering:

Total "Undiagnosed Illness" (UDX) claims: 14,874
Total number of disability claims filed: 1,620,906
* Disability Claims amongst Deployed: 407,911
* Disability Claims amongst Non-Deployed: 1,212,995

Percentage of combat troops that filed Disability Claims 36%

How does this Work?
Troops dead on the battle field are counted as "Deaths amongst Deployed"

Troops "injured" are on "immediate leave" and NOT DEPLOYED!

If they die on the way to or after they reach a hospital OR if they are declaired "disabled" they are counted as "Deaths amongst Non-Deployed and Disability Claims amongst Non-Deployed." 


It DID Happen

The Tamiflu Scam

Pic De Jour

Sign Of Revolutionary Times: The Patriot Act Has Caused The Truth To Become Treason

Fuksuhima Worst Man Made Disaster In History - People Don't Want To Know

How Bad is it? It can't be fixed and there is no way out...BUT...Seems EVERYONE is in Denial!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You or Someone You Know Fighting Foreclosure

To win, you don't really need to know much at all!

Here's an example dear to the hearts of many of you. A bank brings a foreclosure action. What is the law of the case? There are really only a few laws that control the outcome? And, you certainly don't need to go to law school to learn all the law there is to know about notes and mortgages.

1. Does plaintiff own and hold the promissory note?
2. Are payments on the note current?
3. Are other conditions of the note satisfied?
4. Is the note secured by a valid mortgage?
5. Does plaintiff own and hold the mortgage?
6. Are all signatures on the documents genuine?
7. Has plaintiff satisfied all conditions precedent?

That's about it. There may be a few issues of law that vary from one case to another, but these are common to all foreclosures - and they can be determined in about an hour or two of online legal research thanks to the internet!

Get MORE TIPS and Tricks Here

Barack Obama's car, nicknamed 'the beast', gets stuck!

Cartoon De Jour

POLICE STATE NEWS: Guy in wheelchair taken down by officers

Supreme Court orders California to release tens of thousands of prison inmates

The 5-4 decision represents one of the largest prison release orders in U.S. history. The court majority says overcrowding has caused 'suffering and death.' In a sharp dissent, Justice Antonin Scalia warns 'terrible things are sure to happen.'

Monday, May 23, 2011

The AT&T Employee Who Got Mad

Quote De Jour

"I am surrounded by priests who repeat incessantly that their kingdom is not of this world, and yet they lay their hands on everything they can get." - Napoleon Bonaparte

Total Collapse - The Build up to World War III

Fed Treasury Holdings Pass $1.5 Trillion As Pension Looting Continues

It seems like it was only yesterday that the Fed passed the $1 trillion mark in total Treasury holdings (actually it was it was January 2011). Whelp it is not even 4 full months later, and the Fed has already added $500 billion in holdings. Following Fridays's $6.94 billion Pomo, total Fed holdings of US Treasurys have now passed $1.5 trillion (which is ironic because the net new cash tendered to the Treasury per total Bond, Note and Bill issuance and redemption in 2011 through the most recent settled auction is $350 billion, in other words the Fed has funded about 140% of the total Treasury cash needs). As a reminder there is just under 6 weeks left until QE2 ends, at which point the Fed's Treasury holdings will be about $1.6 trillion, and the Treasury will be without its primary (over and above the maximum even with the Pension looting) source of capital.

Police State Go's to High School

15 Food Companies That Serve You 'Wood'

The recent class-action lawsuit brought against Taco Bell raised questions about the quality of food many Americans eat each day.

Chief among those concerns is the use of cellulose (read: wood pulp), an extender whose use in a roster of food products, from crackers and ice creams to puddings and baked goods, is now being exposed. What you're actually paying for -- and consuming -- may be surprising.

Cellulose is virgin wood pulp that has been processed and manufactured to different lengths for functionality, though use of it and its variant forms (cellulose gum, powdered cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, etc.) is deemed safe for human consumption, according to the FDA, which regulates most food industry products. The government agency sets no limit on the amount of cellulose that can be used in food products meant for human consumption. The USDA, which regulates meats, has set a limit of 3.5% on the use of cellulose, since fiber in meat products cannot be recognized nutritionally.

Police State News: USDA fines family four million dollars for selling bunny rabbits

When the Dollarhite family of Nixa, Mo., first started raising and selling bunnies as part of a lesson to teach their teenage son about responsibility and hard work, they had no idea they would eventually meet the heavy hand of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). According to a recent article covered in Breitbart's Big Government, the USDA recently ordered the Dollarhite family to pay more than $90,000 in fines because they sold more than $500 worth of rabbits in a year -- and if they fail to pay the fine by Monday, May 23, the fine will multiply to nearly $4 million.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Support the Troops?

Servicemen and women who were overseas and supposedly protected from foreclosure while on active duty are being foreclosed...The courts are doing nothing about it. Obama, the great war leader, is doing nothing.

The Pentagon, which has money for every stupid idea in the world, is doing nothing. Yet they say, "Support The Troops"? Support the troops?...yeah, right they set a fine example!

Quantum Physicist Dean Radin: A Quantum View of the World

Question De Jour

Why are toxic food additives still allowed in the food supply? What's the real story on aspartame and the FDA? Why did the FDA oppress stevia for so many decades? Why??

Police State News: Policing for Profit - The Abuse of Civil Asset Forfeiture

Treasury Prepares To Plunder Another $45 Billion From Retirement Funds As It Issues $110 Billion More Debt Next Week

These accounting tricks can only work for a limited period of time before the Federal government collapses of its own weight of unpayable debt....Congress refuses to raise Debt limit....so the banksters just STEAL it!

Now that it has finally been made clear that in order to accommodate the debt ceiling by adding marketable debt, the Treasury has no choice but to literally plunder retirement accounts, we now know that in order to fit in the just announced $110 billion in new bond issuance over the next week, Tim Geithner will have to reduce US retirement funding (the bulk of which, the Social Security Trust Fund already lost $1.1 trillion in the past year) by at least $45 billion. That is the net result of $60 billion in net new cash and $15 billion in bill paydowns which will settle between May 19 and May 31....

Prank De Jour

White House on War Powers Deadline: 'Limited' US Role in Libya Means No Need to Get Congressional Authorization

In an effort to satisfy those arguing he needs to seek congressional authorization to continue US military activity in accordance with the War Powers Resolution, President Obama wrote a letter to congressional leaders this afternoon suggesting that the role is now so “limited” he does not need to seek congressional approval...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Thought De Jour

"There is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to manage than the creation of a new system. For the initiator has the enmity of all who would profit by the preservation of the old system and merely lukewarm defenders in those who would gain by the new one." - Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince, 1513

News Investigation Continues Over Illegal Traffics Stops in Tennessee.Cops Caught on Tape Breaking Laws

Why Do Americans Allow Lie After Lie From Their Leaders?

Cartoon De Jour

Congress Sells Out American People Again, Reaches Deal To Extend Patriot Act Four More Years

 The reason Reid and Boehner want to call for a vote "...with as little debate as possible..." has to do with the depth and breadth of how this legislation curtails civil liberties assured American citizens through the Constitution and Bill of Rights: You can read the bill in its entirety here Please read the whole bill: if that doesn't get you furious at what this government has done, and has decided to continue to do to civil liberties in this country, I give up...you are doomed to be a sheeple.
Congress, unfazed by their worst approval rating in history, has just reached a deal to extend the Patriot Act four more years.

Key provisions to this unconstitutional attack on America were set to expire on May 27th. The provisions that were set to expire included roving wiretaps and the surveillance of so called lone wolf terrorists.

“Sens. Reid and McConnell have introduced a clean, four-year extension of the Patriot Act, one of the critical tools the intelligence community has to keep America safe. The Senate will consider this legislation next week,” said Michael Brumas, a McConnell spokesman, Politico reported....

Non-GMO Shopping Guide

Tips To Avoid GMO

1. Buy Organic - Certified organic
products cannot intentionally
include any GMO ingredients
2. Look for "Non-GMO Project"
verified seals
3. Avoid At-Risk Ingredients including
Corn, Soybeans, Canola, Cottonseed

4. Buy Products Listed in the
 Shopping Guide Here

Inside Obama's "Orwellian World" Where Whistleblowing Has Become Espionage: The Case of Thomas Drake

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fields of watermelon burst in China farm fiasco

GMO is safe!....after all isn't eating food from factories the American past time...Never mind those pesky list of poison ingredients printed on the labels....go head enjoy...

Watermelons have been bursting by the score in eastern China after farmers gave them overdoses of growth chemicals during wet weather, creating what state media called fields of "land mines."

About 20 farmers around Danyang city in Jiangsu province were affected, losing up to 115 acres (45 hectares) of melon, China Central Television said in an investigative report.

The world will end on May 21 says wacko Christian group

Of course HAARP IS Fired up and We may Have an Earth Quake....

Video Shows Officer Offering Truckers Freedom For Cash

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fun Song De Jour

CATS to be saved by BLASPHEMERS after the RAPTURE

In case you hadn't heard, Judgment Day is pencilled in for 21 May and any Christians among you who hadn't made provision for your pets' wellbeing after the Rapture had better pull your fingers out before you take your place at God's right hand and your poor moggy is left stuck here on Earth staring at an empty bowl.

MUST SEE VIDEO - Tennessee Cops Fight Each Other To Steal Your Money, No Charges Required

More Details on the Strange Organism That Could Destroy The Food Chain

Don Huber appears in a videotaped interview where he presents an even scarier picture of the damage he claims Monsanto’s herbicide chemical glyphosate (the main ingredient in Roundup) is doing to both plants and the animals who eat them.

Dr. Huber Explains Science Behind New Organism and Threat from Monsanto's Roundup, GMOs to Disease and Infertility

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thought De Jour

"We need not deceive ourselves that we can afford today the luxury of altruism and world--benefaction.... We should cease to talk about vague and unreal objectives such as human rights, the raising of the living standards, and democratization. The day is not far off when we are going to have to deal in straight power concepts. The less we are then hampered by idealistic slogans, the better." - George Keenan, head of U.S. State Department Policy Planning Staff, 1948

Solitary Confinement Widely Used in U.S.

Geithner suspending investments in federal retirement funds so he can barrow MORE for banks.

When I said they would come after pensions...I was laughed at and flamed...Well it is HAPPENING! What if the Treasury finds it cannot find, or does not have the money to reimburse the Federal retirees fund? What happens then?!?

It's official: The U.S. government hit the debt ceiling on Monday, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told Congress.

Geithner said he would have to suspend investments in federal retirement funds until Aug. 2 in order to create room for the government to continue borrowing in the debt markets.

The funds will be made whole once the debt limit is increased, Geithner said. "Federal retirees and employees will be unaffected by these actions."

College Conspiracy

Are you a Sheeple? Take the Sheeple Quiz and find out

The Sheeple Quiz

#1) The purpose of the mainstream media is to:

A) Keep you informed.
B) Feed you misinformation while keeping you distracted from the real issues our world is facing.

#2) Social Security is:

A) A financial safety net that makes sure people have a retirement income.
B) A government-run Ponzi scheme that requires more and more people to keep paying in just to stay afloat and will ultimately collapse into total bankruptcy.

#3) The fluoride dripped into municipal water supplies is:

A) A naturally-occurring mineral.
B) An industrial chemical waste byproduct.

#4) When you donate money to find the cure for cancer, that money goes:

A) To fund research programs that assess actual cancer cures for the purpose of freely sharing them with the public.
B) To fund mammogram campaigns that actually irradiate women's breasts, causing the very cancers that earn huge profits for the cancer treatment industry.

#5) The national debt is:

A) Under control and will be paid off in a few years.
B) Out of control and will spiral into a runaway debt collapse.

#6) GMOs will:

A) Feed the world and prevent starvation.
B) Threaten the future of life on our planet through genetic contamination and widespread crop failures.

#7) The FDA protects:

A) The people from dangerous medicines.
B) The financial interests of the drug companies.

#8) The EPA's real agenda is to:

A) Protect the environment.
B) Protect the financial interests of the chemical companies whose toxic products destroy the environment.

#9) The Federal Reserve functions to:

A) Stabilize the economy and keep America strong.
B) Loot the economy and control America's economy for the interests of the few.

#10) The purpose of TSA checkpoints at airports is to:

A) Keep air passengers safe and secure.
B) Indoctrinate Americans into surrendering to police state invasions of their privacy.

#11) The practical function of the U.S. Supreme Court is to:

A) Protect the constitutional rights of the citizens.
B) Legitimize federal tyranny over the People by ignoring the Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

#12) Vaccines are based on:

A) Gold standard science that conclusively proves their safety and effectiveness.
B) Quackery and fraud combined with a persistent medical mythology that utterly lacks a factual basis.

#13) Herbs and superfoods:

A) Are medically useless and cannot treat, prevent or cure any disease.
B) Contain powerful plant-based medicines that can help reverse and prevent disease.

#14) In Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq, America:

A) Led a humanitarian effort to save innocent people from tyranny.
B) Waged an illegal imperialist war to occupy foreign nations and control their oil.

#15) The U.S. Bill of Rights

A) Grants you rights and freedoms.
B) Merely acknowledges the rights and freedoms you already possess.

Score your Sheeple Quiz

To score your Sheeple Quiz, simply count the number of times you answered "A" to the questions above.

If you answered "A" 10 times or more...

You are a total news-watching, gullible fairytale swallowing Sheeple! Be sure to keep taking those medications and watching more network news. Don't bother thinking for yourself because you seem to be incapable of accomplishing that.

If you answered "A" fewer than 10 times...

You are sadly Sheeple-minded but there is hope for your rescue. Learn more about the world around you and train yourself to think critically so you can depart from the herd mentality.

If you answered "A" fewer than 5 times...

You are an unusually intelligent free-minded thinker who questions the world around you and doesn't buy into the usual propaganda. You still got suckered on a few items, so there's more yet to learn. But you're on the right track!

If you answered "A" exactly zero times...

You are the complete opposite of a Sheeple. You're independent minded, well informed and probably a regular reader of NaturalNews.com. Stay on track and question events in the world around you. Eat more superfoods to maintain your healthy immune system and cognitive function. Avoid the toxic chemicals in foods, medicines and lawn care products. Keep reading the alternative press and voice your intelligent views to others willing to listen. (But don't waste your time on those who aren't.)

Double Digit Inflation has Arrived

New inflation figures were released by the government last week, and the news was not good. The headline inflation number was 3.2% in the 12 months that ended in April. That is more than a percent above the Federal Reserve’s “target” rate of 2% and the first time it has been more than 3% in over 2 ½ years. Of course, the accounting gimmicks used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) understate true inflation, so things look better than reality....

The Fluoride Deception and YOUR Health

Monday, May 16, 2011

Osama Made A PSA For Us

US spy balloon crashes into Arizona neighborhood.

You know those spy blimps the US Government bought to keep watch on us serfs?...Lowest bidder.

Fema Concentration Camp Survival Guide

Congress To Vote On Declaration of Worldwide Perpetual War With No Borders And No Clear Enemies

The United States Congress is set to vote on legislation that authorizes the official start of World War 3, a worldwide war against an invisible enemy that can reside in any country the U.S. Government chooses.

The legislation authorizes the President of the United States to take unilateral military action against all nations, organizations, and persons, both domestically and abroad, who are alleged to be currently or who have in the past supported or engaged in hostilities or who have provided aid in support of hostilities against the Untied States or any of its coalition allies.

The legislation removes the requirement of congressional approval for the use of military force and instead gives the President totalitarian dictatorial authority to engage in any and all military actions for an indefinite period of time.

It even authorizes the President the authority to launch attacks against American Citizens inside the United States with no congressional oversight whatsoever. Read Bill here

Toxin from GM crops found in human blood: Study

Fresh doubts have arisen about the safety of genetically modified crops, with a new study reporting presence of Bt toxin, used widely in GM crops, in human blood for the first time.

Genetically modified crops include genes extracted from bacteria to make them resistant to pest attacks.

These genes make crops toxic to pests but are claimed (by Monsanto) to pose no danger to the environment and human health. Genetically modified brinjal, whose commercial release was stopped a year ago, has a toxin derived from a soil bacterium called Bacillus thuringiensis...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Police State Desperate For revenue Denies Public Trials

SECRET TRIALS? I suspect the reason for this policy is that there is an epidemic of false-positives with these cameras, the result of "tinkering" by operators and local governments desperate for revenues, and so many of these cases are being dismissed by judges that a lid of secrecy has to be put across the whole problem before everyone who gets a photo-ticket decides to fight it in court, costing the government more in court operation costs than the tickets generate in revenue.

Members of the public are not allowed to attend red light camera trials and other proceedings at the Superior Court of California courthouse in the city of Corona. For the past several weeks a policy has been place denying entry to anyone without a direct involvement in a specific case scheduled that day. Court security verifies this information before allowing entrance into the building.

"Please be advised that this court facility is closed to the general public," a sign posted at the door states. "The facility conducts criminal trials Monday through Friday and only jurors, witnesses and associated trial personnel are permitted to enter. On Fridays, the facility is also open for litigants reporting for court trial on traffic or minor offense matters."

Why are we chasing terrorists instead of banksters?

6 Years In Prison For Legally Video Recording A Police Officer? Stand Up Against Injustice!

Pic De Jour

Cover your left eye and read the bottom line for me

Geithner Sends Threating Letter To Congress If Debt Ceiling Not Raised

We saw this same tactic when the banksters wanted their 20 trillion bail out....it worked so well they figure they can pull it again....chances are 100% it will work...

IMF head Strauss-Kahn charged with attempted rape of hotel maid

The banksters, not content with screwing the public out of trillions, now think the can screw us physically because they are masters and we are slaves....Kind of gives "Pillar of society" a whole new meaning!

The French political bigshot who heads the International Monetary Fund was arrested for allegedly sodomizing a Manhattan hotel maid yesterday -- hauled off an Air France flight just moments before takeoff from Kennedy Airport, police sources said.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Question De Jour

Where does the fluoride used to fluoridate the public water supplies really come from? (HINT:industrial waste product) or See Here

Also If fluoride is so good for people, then why is it so hazardous to handle, why is it used as rat poison and why is it considered a hazardous chemical by the EPA? Why??

POLICE STATE: Indiana Supreme Court Ruled No Right To Resist Illegal Cop Entry Into Home

If this isn't a sign of a Police State, someone tell me what one would be!

Overturning a common law dating back to the English Magna Carta of 1215....In a 3-2 decision, Justice Steven David writing for the court said if a police officer wants to enter a home for any reason or no reason at all, a homeowner cannot do anything to block the officer's entry.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Comparison Of Censored And Uncensored Japan Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Fallout Forecast

Contrary to previous reports that NILO has stopped making Japan nuclear radiation forecasts, the forecasts are still being produced, they are just not being released to the public.

Nuclear radiation forecasts discovered today on the site show emergency levels of radiation in the latest forecasts censored from the public.

Japan recently announced a massive censorship campaign to silence so-called “irresponsible rumors” about the nuclear radiation being released from Fukushima. Japan’s weather chief also censored radiation forecasts to “prevent panic in ordinary people.” Be sure to scroll to bottom map...

Looking at the map you can see that the brunt of this cloud will hit the Western United States as well as Canada very hard.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Godzilla VS Osama

Much better production values than most of the stuff the Lamestream Media has subjected us to the last week or so. Not as much fakery either.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Question De Jour

If mercury is one of the most toxic substances known to modern science, See Here  then why is it still being deliberately placed into the mouths of children in the form of "silver" fillings? And why are they called "silver" when they actually contain more mercury than silver? Why is it in vaccines? Why??

Get Ready: The Last Pleasant Way To Travel Is About To Be Hell

The alleged US "bagging" of Bin Laden was just as much a fantasy as are these alleged "threats". This could well be the prelude to some false flag operation in this country to be blamed on some enemy du jour....

But I will tell you who is laughing all the way to the bank right now, due to burgeoning orders for more than 5000 cancer-causing scanning machines being ordered, in light of these alleged "threats": Michael Chertoff, of the Chertoff Group, and the manufacturers of these devices....

Also, one has to wonder just what part of the financial portfolios of Janet Napolitano, head of Homeland Security, and John Pistole, head of TSA, are invested in such technology. They, too, may well be laughing all the way to the bank on this; and remember: these are people who, because of their rank in the US government, never have to submit to either the scanners or the GropeNazis....Intelligent individuals who "opt out" of this procedure, because they understand the risks See Here will find themselves getting fondled by the GropeNazis....

What is very interesting about the article below is that it came out in an MIT publication in the fall of 2009....If the danger was known then, and the TSA workers operating this equipment are obviously under far worse statistical chance for exposure which may ultimately lead to illness and death from cancer than occasional air passengers, when were the executives at TSA going to let them know?!? The short answer is, never.

Following last weeks seizure of al Qaeda documents from Osama Bin Laden's compound, there has been a flood of intelligence prompting U.S. attention.

Among the released data, the most compelling so far, has been the planned rail attack on the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

While not confirmed, and still lacking an official location or time, U.S. officials have treated the potential attack with enough seriousness to have increased rail security, and brought the possible attack to the country's attention.

$5 Fees May Be Coming to an ATM Near You

Good reason to quit using banks altogether! 
J.P. Morgan Chase and other banks are trying to recoup approximately $30 billion a year in lost overdraft fee income by testing $5 ATM fees, Consumer Action spokesman Joe Ridout told CNBC.