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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thought De Jour

"If I were reincarnated, I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower the human population levels.." - Prince Phillip of Great Britain, World Wildlife Fund

Everytime Bernanke Spoke The Dollar Loses Value - Peter Schiff Comment on FED Press Conf. Apr 28 2011

"We Have To Stop These EVIL & CORRUPT Politicians From Destroying Our Once Great Country!"

U.S. Supreme Court to Major Corporations: You Write the Rules

The Supreme Court has brought the fascism out in the open...We now have a country of the large corporations, by the large corporations, and for the large corporations!

On Wednesday the U.S. Supreme Court sided with AT&T in AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion -- a decision with devastating consequences for consumer protection and civil rights. In essence, AT&T asked the court to allow it to use the fine print of contracts to eliminate class actions, a practice that flouts the laws of 20 states. In a 5-4 decision, the court granted AT&T's request.

The case's potential impact is breathtaking. Corporations can now prevent consumers and small business owners from exercising what is often their only real option for challenging companies that defraud them by millions or even billions of dollars: banding together to file class action lawsuits.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Tibet's First Rapper

His song has been banned by the PRC State Council in China so we want it to go viral big time

ROFL NEWS:U.S. says Gaddafi troops raping, issued Viagra: envoys

OMG! Does Any one Buy Into This??

The U.S. envoy to the United Nations told the Security Council on Thursday that troops loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi were increasingly engaging in sexual violence and some had been issued the impotency drug Viagra, diplomats said.

Several U.N. diplomats who attended a closed-door Security Council meeting on Libya told Reuters that U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice raised the Viagra issue in the context increasing reports of sexual violence by Gaddafi's troops.

"Rice raised that in the meeting but no one responded," a diplomat said on condition of anonymity. The allegation was first reported by a British newspaper.

Pfizer Inc's drug Viagra is used to treat impotence.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thought De Jour

"Many more people in the world are concerned about sports than human rights." - Samuel P. Huntington

Open-sourced Blueprints for Civilization

Miss America Susie Castillo Sexually Assaulted TSA Style

Do they really think Miss America Is a Terroist???

The Legacy of Chernobyl

This is what all children born downwind or downstream of Fukushima have to look forward to!

Police State Cops Make BIG Mistake!

Oops Wrong House: Cops Mistakenly Confront a Judge, Her Family at Gunpoint

Broward Circuit Court Judge Ilona Holmes, her sister and her sister’s family says they were ordered at gun point by several Broward Sheriffs Deputies on Easter Sunday to come out of her sister’s home with their hands up.

It was no evening of peace for the Deerfield Beach family, who’d just finished dinner with friends and family, and sent extra Easter dinner to a needy family connected with their church. Then, at 8:20 p.m., police got a call about a possible burglary next door. But a bad address caused police to go to the wrong home.

“Do I feel safe?” asked Carmita Scarlett, the homeowner and sister of Judge Holmes. "No, absolutely not. No, no. So much confusion, so much anger. So much, almost like, resentment. You know, ‘you made the mistake and,’ I told them, ‘I'm the victim and you're upset with me?’”

High Levels Of Radiation Reported At Perry Nuclear Power Plant In Ohio

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, a supposed government oversight agency that is actually funded by the nuclear industry itself, has started a special investigation into high levels of radiation reported at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant in Ohio.

The Plant was evacuated on April 22nd after radiation levels rose when the plant was shutting down for a refueling outage.

Officials have been quiet on details, opting instead to force the public to believe an agency with a long history of cover ups.

Why Release An Obvious forgery?

Although Obama's birth certificate is really a non-issue since the Courts have ruled on it....I find it strange that they would release an poorly done forgery...
How do I know?....this is a no brainer....
Kenya (listed as Obama's father's nation of birth) wasn't called Kenya in 1961. It was the British East Africa Protectorate. It was not known as "Kenya" until 1963.... See Here

In 1961, the hospital Obama was born in was NOT named the Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital , as shown on the above certificate. In 1961, the hospital Obama was born in was named the Kauaikeolani Children's Hospital. It did not change its name to the Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital until it merged with the Kapiolani hospital system in 1978....See Here

Look carefully at the bottom. What you are seeing is a certified copy made just a few days ago. There is a date stamp from April 25th 2011 on it. See that phrase, "I certify this is a true copy OR ABSTRACT OF THE RECORD ON FILE?" An abstract means that the current registrar just made a hand copy of the exact same information seen in the computer-generated record Obama already released, then certified it as an exact same copy of the computer-generated record Obama already released....so why release a doc so easily busted...Red Herring?

Newly Graduated And Drowning In Six Figures Of Student Loan Debt

“I used to joke when I was in college that I’d be paying off these loans for the rest of my life,” says Angello, 22. She graduated nearly a year ago from Ithaca College, where she majored in communications. “Little did I realize that I actually will be.”

Angello is on the hook for about $120,000. With six-figures in debt, she has little choice but to save every little bit that trickles in. And still, it's a struggle.

Midway through college, Angello wouldn’t have been able to graduate had she not been willing to go into debt. “I needed that loan no matter how much it was going to cost me in order to get my education.”

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thought De Jour

"History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness." - George Orwell, author of the book"1984"

CHART: U.S. Military Spending Vs. The World

Guess What

Homeowner Bill Wiped Out, Replaced With Fire Districting Bill

Senate Bill 1259 was supposed to be all about transparency, making sure homeowners could always have access to a copy of their home's deed.....But it ended up having nothing to do with housing.

Video Here

RI State Rep. Who Joked Of Pot-Smoking Immigrants Arrested On DUI Charge And Marijuana Possession

I love the smell of burning hypocrite in the morning.

Earlier this year, Rhode Island House Minority Leader Robert A. Watson (R) garnered attention when he made insensitive remarks about the General Assembly’s work at a meeting of the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce. Watson stated, “I suppose if you’re a gay man from Guatemala who gambles and smokes pot, you probably think that we’re onto some good ideas here.” He was quickly forced to apologize.

Yet last Friday Watson’s bigoted comment took an ironic twist. The state lawmaker was pulled over at a routine police checkpoint in East Haven, Connecticut. Police quickly arrested him when he appeared to be driving under the influence and possessing marijuana:


Pic De Jour

Does Government Want Gas Prices to Hit European Levels?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Japan Radiation-Whats Going On-How to protect You Family

Dr. Russell Blaylock gives easy advice on how we can protect ourselves from radiation damage through awareness of how it occurs and how to make use of the many plant-based compounds that have been shown to be radio-protective.

Hungry In America

Is this starting to look familiar?

Just back from a food distribution in our neighborhood. About 200 people were expected. Over 600 turned up. Black, white, young, old, thin, fat, surly, gracious, families, very alone. Despite the truckloads of food, we ran out; in the end, people stood in line mournfully eyeing the last canned dregs and dented cereal boxes, trying to decide if it was worth it. Maine is poor, but our county isn't. Yet there are 49 food pantries and soup kitchens here. The head of Viacom should go help at one....Story Here

CBS 60 Minutes POLL - Large Majority Of Americans Say Increase Taxes On Wealthy, Cut Defense To Balance Budget

The poll is still running.... VOTE HERE

How to Use Coconut Oil as a Sunscreen & Deodorant

Concerns and uncertainty over certain cancers and their association with chemicals such as aluminum zirconium, benzophenones and salicylates in beauty products have led some people to consider making their own. If you are looking for a natural alternative to manufactured beauty products, consider a homemade recipe. Homemade sunscreens and deodorants with a coconut oil base will not only save you money; they can also reduce your exposure to chemicals and free radicals that may eventually lead to cancer.

As The Police State Brodens

State Department wants passport applicants to reveal lifetime employment history

This is not about "security"; it is to keep people from traveling, period, end of discussion.

One has to wonder if "regular people" will be allowed to write on the form: "I can't remember", just like the politicians do under oath when they are getting grilled on an uncomfortable issue; my bet would be, no.

The U.S. Department of State has proposed a new questionnaire that would make it almost impossible for some people to get a passport.

The new document (PDF) would require that certain applicants submit a list of every residence and every job they've ever had since birth.

In February, the department published a request in the Federal Register allowing 60 days for comment before the new rules go into effect.

"The Biographical Questionnaire for a U.S. Passport, form DS-5513, is used to supplement an application for a U.S. passport when the applicant submits citizenship or identity evidence that is insufficient or of questionable authenticity," according to a supporting statement (PDF) issued along with the request for comment.

rofessor Christopher Busby: Hydrogen Explosion Was Actually Nuclear Reaction, “People Who Ignore History Are Doomed To Repeat It”

Video:Radioactive Fallout in Saint Louis Missouri

When The Red light is flashing you getting way more radiation that you should....Kinda the difference between having a X-ray or eating the machine...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Thought De Jour

Orwell's 1984 LIVES!
"Freedom is about authority. Freedom is about the willingness of every single human being to cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what you do." - NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani

The Innocent Pay the Price for Corporate Cronyism

The gang problems at Dodger Stadium are problems that have come home to roost, and unfortunately it is (again) a private citizen that must pay the price and not the politicians and the wealthy who caused the problem.

Most people do not know the history of that stadium – but Latino gangs taking it over is just reconquista in action!

You see, that area where Dodger Stadium stands was once a Latino Barrio, declared a “blighted slum” by the feds and seized, literally kicking and screaming from the residents one house at a time under eminent domain!

“Aurora Vargas, 38, kicked and screamed as sheriff’s deputies hauled her from her family’s home by her arms and legs. Her mother, Avrana Arechiga, threw stones at the officials as the rest of the family cursed at the men. Above the violent tableau, a soldier’s uniform hung off the porch. A sign affixed to it read, “My husband died in WWII to protect our home.”

“The “melee,” as the Los Angeles Times called it on its front page, erupted when dozens of deputies, accompanied by an armada of moving vans, arrived to forcibly evict the Arechigas from their home in the Chavez Ravine neighborhood of Los Angeles, a “poor man’s Shangri-La” tucked into the hills near downtown.

It was May 8, 1959, 10 years after President Harry Truman’s Fair Deal set aside federal funds for the clearing of slums and the creation of public housing in the name of urban renewal. Los Angeles, under the leadership of Mayor Fletcher Bowron and the City Housing Authority, was one of the first cities to apply for assistance, securing $110 million from the federal government to create 11,000 new units of low-income housing as part of an ambitious plan to redevelop and modernize the sprawling, ramshackle metropolis.”...See More Here

The seizure was not eventually to be for public use – but was bought by the local LA politicians from the federal government, and given to the O’Malley family for $1.

O’Malley wanted to build a stadium for the soon-to-be-imported Brooklyn Dodgers.

Just another example of the problems caused by government being able to seize private property for other, more powerful private citizens.

The very property on which the New York Times now sits, was seized from its previous owners by government.

In many cases the use of eminent domain is Corporate Cronyism at its very worst, and an inconceivable mis-use of government power!

Our Founding Fathers would not recognize what we do in their name.

The Banking Scam

U.S. Fuel Prices Expected To Continue Rising

New concerns over swine flu jab after children given it 'hit by sudden sleep syndrome'

A swine flu vaccine which has been given to thousands of children in Britain may cause the sleep disorder narcolepsy. Symptoms include excessive daytime sleepiness and nodding off suddenly without warning.

All packets of the vaccine Pandemrix will have to carry [center]a warning about the risk following a ruling by the EU regulator, the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Libya: western leaders call for Nato to target Gaddafi

We are now descending into the depths of what this country called evil monstrous acts just a few years ago.

Senior western leaders called for Nato to adopt an assassination policy against Col Muammar Gaddafi to salvage the bombing campaign in Libya from a descent into stalemate.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

'I Know What I Saw' (2011) - UFO Documentary

Thought De Jour

"In the First Amendment, the Founding Fathers gave the free press the protection it must have to fulfill its essential role in our democracy. The press was to serve the governed, not the governors. The Government's power to censor the press was abolished so that the press would remain forever free to censure the Government. The press was protected so that it could bare the secrets of government and inform the people. Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government. And paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people and sending them off to distant lands to die of foreign fevers and foreign shot and shell." - Justice Black. NYT v. US. 403 US 713

FBI Agents Making Sex Tapes, Paying Strippers And Leaking National Secrets

A treasure chest of links to primary documents:

* FBI Agent Arrested Again In Girls' Toilet

* Pedophiles At The FBI

* FBI transgressions, abuses of power

* Leaked PDF Document

* Senate Hearings On FBI Misconduct Begin

* FBI Failed To Act On Tip About Abortionist Killer

See them all here and watch the video below

Dear AOL Members: AOL is Censoring YOUR Email

That's right, "substantial complaints" from someone, whatever that means, will result in no links to stories at The BRAD BLOG getting through to any of AOL's millions of members. And they will never know about it.

Again, these are not even emails from BradBlog.com. They are simply emails from anybody to any AOL email address which has my domain linked in the body of the email.

Neat, huh? I wonder what would happen if there were "substantial complaints from AOL members" about, say, FoxNews.com? Or MSNBC.com? Or NYTimes.com? Would that result in millions of members not being able to receive any email that links to anything at those sites?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

So you really think things are bad in Libya and there is NO DEMOCRACY


* GDP per capita - $ 14,192.
* Unemployment benefit - $ 730.
* Each family member subsidized by the state gets annually $ 1.000
* Salary for nurses - $ 1.000.
* For every newborn is paid $ 7.000.
* The bride and groom receive a $ 64 thousand to purchase flats.
* Major taxes and levies prohibited.
* To open a personal business a one-time financial assistance of $ 20.000
* Education and medicine are free.
* Educ.Internships abroad - at government expense.
* Stores for large families with symbolic prices for basic foodstuffs.
* Part of pharmacies - with free dispensing.
* Loans for buying a car and an apartment - no interest.
* Real estate services are prohibited.

CHART: U.S. Military Spending Vs. Rest Of The World

George Carlin NAILS it!

Social Security Looted By Government And Banks; Fund By Transaction Fee On Derivitives

Don't Commit A Parking Violation In Seattle!

Friday, April 22, 2011

As The Police State Deepens

Federal Reserve expected to claim no homes have been wrongfully foreclosed

"A wrongful foreclosure is where the bankers do not wear a tie, and trust me, we all have the very best imported silk ties we need!" - Ben Voldemort

In a recent meeting of the Fed's Consumer Advisory Council, the nation's central bank came under intense criticism by consumer advocates for an upcoming report that's expected to claim that after an investigation, they've determined that no wrongful foreclosures have been carried out by US banks.

Huffington Post reporter Shahien Nasiripour was at the meeting and caught a number of key remarks, namely council members attacking how the Fed's investigators had defined what a wrongful foreclosure is.

According to Nasiripour, they defined it as a foreclosure which happens when a home owner is not significantly behind on payments -- leaving out a litany of other situations and acts that consumer advocates call criminal behavior.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Arizona Sheriff Cites Flood of Border Agents Confirming Feds' No-Apprehension Policy

Just as my friend who works for Border patrol told me months ago illegals are being welcomed not deported

An Arizona sheriff says he has been flooded with calls and emails of support from local and federal agents who back his claims that the U.S. Border Patrol has effectively ordered them to stop apprehending illegal immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexican border.

Yet Another Mile Post On The Way To The Police State

iPhone keeps record of everywhere you go

Couple this with Police Search Cell Phones During Traffic Stops and you have another loss of your Forth Amendment, and a Police State tactic

Security researchers have discovered that Apple's iPhone keeps track of where you go – and saves every detail of it to a secret file on the device which is then copied to the owner's computer when the two are synchronised. Apple’s iPhone saves every detail of your movements to a file on the device.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thought De Jour

"The great city is that which has the greatest man or woman: if it be a few ragged huts, it is still the greatest city in the whole world." - Walt Whitman

Is Your Church BATF Approved?

The BATF and FBI, and even members of the U.S. military, not only assaulted American citizens, but at least half the Branch Davidians killed were foreign nationals, including British, Israeli, Filipino, Canadian, New Zealand, and Australian citizens. Most Americans are oblivious to the fact that Waco proved an international public relations disaster for the feds. Among the 82 killed were 22 minor children and 2 pre-born babies. Of the 58 adults, 32 were women.

Walt Disney - Anti Nazi Cartoon - Good Quality in WW2

Madeleine Albright Confronted On Bilderberg, Iraq War Crimes: "Is 1 Million Dead Enough?"

Happy Patriot's Day! How It Started~

On December 16th, 1773, "radicals" from Boston, members of a secret organization of American Patriots called the Sons of Liberty, boarded three East India Company ships and threw 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor.

This iconic event, in protest of oppressive British taxation and tyrannical rule, became known as the Boston Tea Party.

Resistance to the Crown had been mounting over enforcement of the 1764 Sugar Act, 1765 Stamp Act and 1767 Townshend Act, which led to the Boston Massacre and gave rise to the slogan, "No taxation without representation."

The 1773 Tea Act and resulting Tea Party protest galvanized the Colonial movement opposing British parliamentary acts, which violated the natural, charter and constitutional rights of the colonists.

In response to the rebellion, the British enacted additional punitive measures, labeled the "Intolerable Acts," in hopes of suppressing the burgeoning insurrection. Far from accomplishing their desired outcome, however, the Crown's countermeasures led colonists to convene the First Continental Congress on September 5th, 1774, in Philadelphia.

By the spring of 1775, civil discontent with Royal rulers was growing, and American Patriots in Massachusetts and other colonies were preparing to cast off their masters.

On the eve of 18 April 1775, General Thomas Gage, military governor of Massachusetts, dispatched a force of 700 British Army regulars, under Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith, with secret orders to capture and destroy arms and supplies stored by the Massachusetts militia in the town of Concord.

However, Patriot militiamen under the leadership of the Sons of Liberty anticipated this raid, and the confrontation between militia and British regulars en route to Concord, was the fuse which ignited the American Revolution.

Near midnight on April 18th, 1775, Paul Revere, who had arranged for advance warning of British movements, departed Charlestown (near Boston) for Lexington and Concord in order to warn John Hancock, Samuel Adams and other Sons of Liberty that the British Army was marching to arrest them and seize their weapon caches. After meeting with Hancock and Adams in Lexington, Revere was captured, but his Patriot ally Samuel Prescott continued to Concord and warned militiamen along the way.

In the early dawn of April 19th, 77 militiamen under the command of Captain John Parker assembled on the town green at Lexington where they soon faced Smith's overwhelming force of British regulars. Parker did not expect shots to be exchanged, but his orders were, "Stand your ground." When a few links away from the militia column, the British Major John Pitcairn swung his sword, and said, "Lay down your arms, you damned rebels!"

Not willing to sacrifice his small band of Patriots on the Green, Parker ordered his men to hold fire and disperse. However, none laid down their arms as demanded by the British. As Parker's men dispersed, the British opened fire. Eight of Parker's men were killed and ten wounded. Parker later wrote in sworn deposition, "I immediately ordered our Militia to disperse, and not to fire: Immediately said Troops made their appearance and rushed furiously, fired upon, and killed eight of our Party without receiving any Provocation therefor from us."

The British continued to Concord, where they divided up and searched for armament stores. Later in the day, the second confrontation between regulars and militiamen occurred as British light infantry companies faced rapidly growing ranks of militia and Minutemen at Concord's Old North Bridge. From depositions on both sides, the British fired first on the militia, killing two and wounding four.

This time, however, militia commander, Major John Buttrick, yelled the order, "Fire, for God's sake, fellow soldiers, fire!" Fire they did, commencing with "the shot heard round the world," as immortalized by poet Ralph Waldo Emerson. In the ensuing firefight, the British took heavy casualties and in discord, retreated to Concord village for reinforcements, and then back toward Lexington.

In route to Lexington, the regulars took additional casualties, including those suffered in an ambush by the reassembled ranks of John Parker's militia -- "Parker's Revenge" as it became known. The British were reinforced with 1000 troops in Lexington, but the King's men were no match for the militiamen, who inflicted heavy casualties upon the Redcoats along their 20 mile tactical retreat to Boston.

Notably, the catalyst that launched the eight-year struggle for American independence, which we honor now as Patriots' Day, had its beginnings with an effort by the government to disarm the people.

Concord Hymn
Ralph Waldo Emerson

By the rude bridge that arched the flood, Their flag to April's breeze unfurled, Here once the embattled farmers stood And fired the shot heard round the world.

The foe long since in silence slept; Alike the conqueror silent sleeps; And Time the ruined bridge has swept Down the dark stream which seaward creeps.

On this green bank, by this soft stream, We set to-day a votive stone; That memory may their deed redeem, When, like our sires, are sons are gone.

Spirit, that made those heroes dare To die and leave their children free, Bid Time and Nature gently spare The shaft we raise to them and thee.

Do you want to bet on a sure thing?

Do you want to bet on a sure thing? Bet the house on the debt ceiling getting raised. Oh sure there will be great consternation. There will be very serious political rantings. There will be dower economists telling us scary campfire stories. There will be breathless reporting by the media about the future of humankind. We may even have a scare or two on the Dow, A great gnashing of teeth, but mark my words, the debt ceiling will be raised. Count on it!

I know this because I know something that 99.9% of the world does not know. I know that in our monetary system, our money IS debt. When debt is created, money is created. When debt is paid off, money is destroyed. The simple fact is that debt/money must be created every year in excess of the debt AND interest of the year before or the entire system collapses in a mother of all meltdowns. It is an incontrovertible fact that if all debt in the world was paid off there would not be one dollar in existence. What would be worse, there would still be billions of interest still outstanding.

Autism and Vaccines Researcher for CDC, Indicted for Fraud and Money-Laundering

Poul Thorsen, the principal coordinator of multiple studies funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) used to deny a vaccine/autism link was indicted on April 13th on 13 counts of fraud and 9 counts of money-laundering. The charges relate to funding for work he conducted for the CDC, which claimed to disprove associations between the mercury-based vaccine preservative, thimerosal, and increased rates of autism.

In 12 Years, Income For Richest 400 Americans Quadruples, Tax Rate Nearly Halved

FEMA CAMP handbook order by US Government - expedited order

More confirmation of a rush by the US Government to prepare the concentration camps.

Michigan: Police Search Cell Phones During Traffic Stops

The Michigan State Police have a high-tech mobile forensics device that can be used to extract information from cell phones belonging to motorists stopped for minor traffic violations. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Michigan last Wednesday demanded that state officials stop stonewalling freedom of information requests for information on the program.

ACLU learned that the police had acquired the cell phone scanning devices and in August 2008 filed an official request for records on the program, including logs of how the devices were used. The state police responded by saying they would provide the information only in return for a payment of $544,680. The ACLU found the charge outrageous.

"Law enforcement officers are known, on occasion, to encourage citizens to cooperate if they have nothing to hide," ACLU staff attorney Mark P. Fancher wrote. "No less should be expected of law enforcement, and the Michigan State Police should be willing to assuage concerns that these powerful extraction devices are being used illegally by honoring our requests for cooperation and disclosure."

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thought De Jour

"I can teach you about torture, but sooner or later you'll have to get involved. You'll have to lay on your hands and try it yourselves ... The precise pain, in the precise place, in the precise amount, for the desired effect.'' - Head of the US Office of Public Safety (OPS) mission in Uruguay in 1981, teaching classes in the art of torture

When Will we get Enough Of Thug Cops?

The family of Elsie Wenzel, a beloved school lunch lady who died at age 71, gathered for a memorial service at a funeral home in Hamilton (a small town near Trenton) on April 15. Charles Wenzel, one of her grandsons, "had ... something like a seizure," related Elsie's widower, Edward, in an interview with The Trentonian. The family called 911 to summon the paramedics. Unfortunately, if you call the paramedics, the police are part of the package deal, whether they're wanted or not -- and they have an unfailing talent for making matters worse.

When Charles had another convulsion, he committed the unpardonable offense of defiling one of the sanctified bully-boys through physical contact. This constitutes "battery on an officer," and so the offended cop and several of his boyfriends attempted to handcuff Charles while he was lying on the ground receiving medical treatment.

"We didn't call you for this!" exclaimed a witness as several other people, including a granddaughter of the deceased, tried to intervene to protect Charles from the criminal assault. The officers responded by pepper-spraying the mourners and throwing several of them -- including Edward's middle-aged granddaughter -- to the ground.

One of the officers called in a report that a "riot" was in progress -- "riot" being defined as any situation in which Mundanes loudly criticize the anointed purveyors of consecrated violence for their crimes against innocent people. Apparently the funeral parlor was located near a donut shop, because within seconds at least a dozen police vehicles were on the scene.

One of Elsie's sons, who was to be a pallbearer at the funeral, was jumped by "seven or eight" of the armed tax-feeders and thrown to the floor of the funeral parlor, Edward Wenzel reported. Another eyewitness who drove by the scene was alarmed to see police swarming four other prone, helpless men.

By one account, at least a half-dozen of the pallbearers were arrested to sent to the hospital as a result of gang violence by the police. When police attempted to "escort" him from the chapel, Edward Wenzel refused; if they had laid hands on the bereaved elderly widower, an authentic riot might well have ensued.

Gerald Celente The Greatest Depression of 2012! Get Ready!

Cartoon De Jour

STUPID NEWS:Tepco Cancels Plan To Build 2 New Reactors At Fukushima

Gee....Ya Think?

Tokyo Electric Power Co. President Masataka Shimizu said Monday the company is cancelling a plan to build two new reactors at its Fukushima Daiichi nuclear-power plant in northeastern Japan.

The Pagan Origin Of Easter

"Ishtar", which is pronounced "Easter" was a day that commemorated the resurrection of one of their gods that they called "Tammuz", who was believed to be the only begotten son of the moon-goddess and the sun-god.

In those ancient times, there was a man named Nimrod, who was the grandson of one of Noah's son named Ham.

Ham had a son named Cush who married a woman named Semiramis.Cush and Semiramis then had a son named him "Nimrod."

After the death of his father, Nimrod married his own mother and became a powerful King.

The Bible tells of of this man, Nimrod, in Genesis 10:8-10 as follows: "And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth. He was a mighty hunter before the Lord: wherefore it is said, even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the Lord. And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad,and Calneh, in the land of Shinar."

Nimrod became a god-man to the people and Semiramis, his wife and mother, became the powerful Queen of ancient Babylon.

After This it gets really Crazy....Remember Babylon was the FIRST United Nations

FRAUD: Federal Reserve Is Selling Put Options On Treasury Bonds To Drive Down Yields

Shock employment figures: Fewer than 46% of Americans have jobs

Bush created tax credits to encourage off shoring of American jobs so that the banks could start confiscating homes to cover the losses from the fraudulent mortgage-backed securities....Obama not only continued the credits, but expanded them! Ya think they both work for that same controllers of the world?

The percentage of Americans who have jobs has fallen to the lowest point in three decades and now hovers just above 45 percent of the total population, according to an analysis of labor data published by USA Today.

The report, based on figures provided by the Census and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, showed that at 36.7 percent, Mississippi had the lowest percentage of population working.

Employment rates were also low in California and Arizona, where just over 37 percent had jobs. At 55.8 percent, North Dakota had the highest rate of employed residents.

States see biggest revenue drop in 60 years

The government took your jobs so the banks could take your homes to cover the losses from the mortgage-backed securities frauds, and now they act surprised that tax revenues are down?

In a sign of the sluggish economy’s devastating impact, state government revenue across the country dropped by nearly one third in 2009 - the sharpest decline in 60 years, the Census Bureau said in a new report.