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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Unprecedented July Cold Ends The Arctic’s Shortest Summer On Record - Dang That Global Warming!

Normally the high Arctic has about 90 days above freezing. This year there was less than half that.ScreenHunter_04 Jul. 30 15.01
COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Pay no attention to those sunspots - says Al Gore

HOLEY CRAP! Rental Backed Securities Are Here! Beware Renters!

Here We Go Again: Step Aside RMBS, Rent-Backed Securities Are Here, And With Them The Beginning Of The End

It appears that since America’s financially innovative elite doesn’t have the patience to wait until housing prices regain their previous all time highs in order to usher in the second great RMBS wave, they looked long and hard at the chart above, and especially the red rental line, and came up with a brilliant idea: “Hey, let’s just securitize rents.”
Sadly, we are not kidding. The WSJ reports:

Two major Wall Street firms are in detailed discussions to create and sell the world’s first bond backed by home-rental payments, people familiar with the matter say.

Blackstone Group LP is in negotiations to bundle monthly rental payments on around 1,500 to 1,700 of its homes. The private-equity giant is among the firms that have spent billions buying homes out of foreclosure, an investment strategy that has helped to bolster demand and strengthen the U.S. housing market.
The bond comprised of the Blackstone homes would be structured and marketed to investors by Deutsche Bank AG, the people say.

Why worry? Remember it was only 2007 when everyone said, especially the Fed Chairman Bernanke, that housing prices are unlikely to ever go down. Actually, forget we just said that. What is important is that it is now 2013, and rental payment are unlikely to ever go down!
…There is more, but the gist is clear enough that we hardly need to point it out.
Or maybe we do: securitization marked the peak of the last housing bubble. If the Blackstone deal indeed comes to market and prices, and is followed by many more, the end of the second credit and housing bubble is now, mercifully, in plain sight, which for those sick and tired of centrally-planned and manipulated markets is actually good news: the faster this artificial house of cards crashes and burns, the better, so if Blackstone wants to dump its housing exposure to the biggest idiot, more power to it.
And expounding on what we just said in the last sentence: Blackstone – America’s largest landlord – is now actively selling its housing exposure, whether with the assistance of Goldman’s Fab Tourre, Paulson’s Paolo Pellegrini, or… Deutsche Bank’s own Greg Lippmann.

Furthermore, if it is selling, it means there will be active buyers on the other side who will soon be the shorts of the year, just like AIG and it idiot peers were in 2006 and 2007. Which is good news for all those shorters who have been dormant for the past 3-4 years when Bernanke onboarded all the credit risk personally. After all, it was not for naught that the TBAC said it desperately needs the return of securitization for Bernanke to be able to slowly step away from monetizing everything. This deal will be precisely the canary in the coalmine to decide if Bernanke can, indeed, finally step aside.
Finally, for those who have been on the fence about whether or not to sell their house, this is your warning sign. When the biggest housing bull starts selling, run for the proverbial hills. 
Blackstone Preparing to Unleash a Flood of Real-Estate Selling
For years Blackstone GroupBX -0.74% has been one of the world’s biggest buyers of real estate. With its securities filing on Thursday outlining plans to take its retail-property company public, the private-equity firm begins a phase where it is likely to be one of the biggest sellers, too.
Blackstone raised more than $24 billion from its last two real-estate funds, the most ever raised for funds of this kind. Most of that money has been invested or committed to every sort of real estate available — from suburban U.S. office buildings to distressed European property debt to single-family homes in Florida.

Federal Appeals Court rules US can track phones without warrants

A divided federal appeals court ruled on Tuesday that the government does not need a probable-cause warrant to access mobile-phone subscribers™ cell-site information, a decision reversing lower court decisions that said the location data was protected by the Fourth Amendment.
The 2-1 decision by the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals is the third federal appeals court to decide the privacy issue. Adding to the possibility that the US Supreme Court might take up the topic, New Jersey™s high court two weeks ago ruled that warrants were required for the location data.
All the while, two federal appellate courts have now taken the government™s position that court warrants are not required for the location data. And a third federal appellate court said judges had the option to demand warrants. All of which means some suspects are being convicted based on locational data of what towers their cellphones are pinging, and others are not, because some courts are requiring warrants.
What™s more, the Supreme Court has not ruled on the issue. However, the justices last month rejected an appeal from a drug courier sentenced to 20 years after being nabbed with 1,100 pounds of marijuana in a motor home camper the authorities tracked via his mobile phone pinging cell towers for three days from Arizona to a Texas truck stop.
In that case, the Supreme Court let stand the Ohio-based 6th US Circuit Court of Appeals, which covers Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee. The appeals court ruled that probable-cause warrants were not necessary to obtain cell-site data.
Meanwhile, Tuesday™s 5th Circuit ruling comes as the authorities have widely adopted using warrantless cell-tower locational tracking of criminal suspects in the wake of the Supreme Court™s ruling 18 months ago that they need probable-cause warrants from judges to affix covert GPS devices to vehicles.
The 5th Circuit and 6th Circuit distinguished the case from the GPS case decided by the Supreme Court. The high court ruled that the physical act of installing a GPS device on a target™s vehicle amounted to a search, which usually necessitates a probable-cause warrant under the Fourth Amendment.
In the end, the 5th Circuit, which sets law in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas, concluded on Tuesday that the locational history of a mobile phone does not enjoy constitutional protections because the government has not performed the tracking, and that the data is simply a business record owned by carriers.
œ… cell site information is clearly a business record. The cell service provider collects and stores historical cell site data for its own business purposes, perhaps to monitor or optimize service on its network or to accurately bill its customers for the segments of its network that they use. The Government does not require service providers to record this information or store it. The providers control what they record and how long these records are retained.”
The 5th Circuit litigation concerns unidentified drug suspects in which the lower court rulings said œcompelled warrantless disclosure of cell site data violates the Fourth Amendment.”
The government argued that a mobile-phone company may disclose historical cell-site records created and kept by the company in its ordinary course of business, where such an order is based on a showing of œspecific and articulable facts” that there are reasonable grounds to believe that the records sought are relevant and material to an ongoing criminal investigation.
A record number of Americans are embracing mobile phones, which are a de facto style of tracking device consumers willingly place in their pockets and purses. As of December, there were 326.4 million wireless subscriber accounts, exceeding the US population, responsible for 2.3 trillion annual minutes of calls, according to the Wireless Association.
œThis ruling fails to recognize that Americans do in fact have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their cell phone location information. Where you go can reveal a great deal about your life, and people don™t think that carrying a cell phone around means that someone can get a detailed record of their movement for days or even months on end,” said Catherine Crump, a staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union. œThe government should not be able to access this personal, sensitive information without getting a warrant based on probable cause. Unfortunately, the Fifth Circuit™s decision allows exactly that.”
A final case in the federal appellate courts is pending in the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals, which covers Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.
That case concerns a Maryland federal judge declining last year to suppress evidence that Aaron Graham and Eric Jordan were allegedly involved in a string of Baltimore City fast-food restaurant robberies. They were arrested in connection to one robbery, and a 7-month historical look of their phone records – obtained without a warrant – placed them on the scene when other restaurants were robbed, the authorities said. Wired

Republished from: Press TV

Pic De Jour

Obamacare Supporters Sign Petition For “Mandatory Euthanasia” Of Senior Citizens

Best Short Film (under 10 min) The Futurist A Must See

The below feature film was produced by Johan A. du Toit, also the producer of American Drone.
In the film Brian Sorenson creates a technologically advanced machine that can predict the future through the collection of humanity’s subconscious thoughts.
After realizing that humanity’s subconscious thoughts are a few steps ahead of their subconscious self, Brian and the government officials begin to recognize the power that could be harnessed through public thought.

Geoengineering (Chemtrails) is Destroying the Ozone Layer

We have known for some time that the UV levels were getting rapidly worse due to the ongoing atmospheric spraying. Anyone that is even slightly awake and aware has noticed that the sun feels incredibly intense on the skin. Most varieties of plant life are showing at least some signs of stress in most areas. In many regions, whole forests are in steep decline. And it’s getting worse by the day.

Photo: By Beckyq6937 via Wikimedia Commons

Although extreme drought and toxic rains (due in large part to the heavy metal fallout from geoengineering) are taking their toll, recent metering of UV levels in Northern California indicate that there is an element in this die off that is far worse than we had realized, an incomprehensibly high level of UV radiation.
With the assistance of a very generous and conscientious individual, geoengineeringwatch.org purchased top-of-the-line UV metering equipment which was put in the hands of a 40-year environmental metering veteran, with 20 years government experience and 20 years as a private consultant. Our findings are far beyond shocking.
From a recent science study on excessive UV:
We are told UV-B is only a minor component of the total solar radiation, we now know this could not be further from the truth. Our recent metering reflects an exponential rise in UVB radiation. Due to its high energy, its potential for causing biological damage to plants, animals, and humans is exceptionally high and even small increases could lead to significant biological damage. There are numerous peer reviewed studies which verify this fact.
The Results
According to agencies like WHO, (World Heath Organizatin) and a long list of other recognized government sources of UV information like NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), no more than 5% of the total UV reaching the surface of Earth should be UVB. The other 95% should be UVA.
These agencies go on to state that UVC should be ZERO.
What has our testing shown?
UVB – the most lethal form of UV radiation – has now escalated to almost 70% of the total UV reaching the surface of our planet. At least this is the case in Northern California. (This can only mean that total Ultra-Violate exposure has also escalated sharply, making overall UVB levels worse still.)
In addition, our testing has consistently shown significant levels of UVC which used to be filtered out by the ozone layer, some 100,000 feet up in our atmosphere.
Not any more.
UV is measured in spectral bandwidths. The higher the bandwidth, the more benign the UV; lower bandwidths are more lethal.
Current testing reveals that almost 70% of incoming UV radiation is currently in the UVB and UVC range. (Not 5% or less, as we are being told by all major agencies and their media mouthpieces).
This translates into nearly a 1,400% increase in UVB as a percentage of total UV. If UVA has also gone up due to the same ozone destruction which has driven up the UVB, this would indicate a likelihood that the total UVB and UVC is higher still – not just a difference of ratio with the same overall number.
What are the known negative effects of excessive UV exposure to plant life?

The Proof On The Ground

In the forests of Northern California, bark is literally being scorched from trees. On many specimens, only a thin strip of bark remains on the shaded side of the tree. Foliage is being scorched with many trees having only a fraction of their normal leaf cover. Many native species of plants are not even sprouting any more. The organisms that do still manage to grow appear miniaturized in some cases.
What are just some of the results of excessive UV exposure to plants?
Can stop sprouting of seeds, • Stunts growth, • Limb die off, • Reduced foliage, • DNA damage, • Changes nutrient distribution, • Mutatins, • Effects photosynthesis • Greatly increased mortality
SOME known effects of excessive UV exposure to aquatic life:
All aquatic life is particularly vulnerable to high UV levels.
Phytoplankton accounts for some 30% of the worlds’ intake of animal protein. Phytoplankton and the microorganisms they consume are killed by excessive UV levels. (Global plankton populations have already been reduced by 40% to 50%. Much of the die off is likely due to increased UV radiation.)
Less plankton = less carbon-dioxide absorption.
Less plankton = less oxygen production. (Atmospheric oxygen content around the globe declining rapidly)
Less plankton = less fish. Period.
Bottom line: A crashing plankton population effects the entire food chain and all life on earth.
Excess UV kills coral reefs. So do waters warmed and made acidic by CO2 fallout. (Reefs are the nurseries of many crucial aquatic species and are in sharp decline around the globe.)
SOME of the known effects of excess UV on humans:
• Damaged immune system, • DNA damage • Damages sight • Causes various forms of cancer

Geoengineering Aerosols Destroy The Ozone Layer

This is not speculation, it is fact. There is a mountain of science data that confirms the ozone decimating effect of sunlight-reflecting particulates in the upper atmosphere. As geoengineering climate modeler Ken Caldeira warned after crunching the numbers for Dr. Edward Teller’s aerosol “sunscreen”, the resulting rapid cooling of the stratosphere causes the formation of huge ice clouds that attract and concentrate ozone-destroying chemicals.
In addition, high nitrogen oxide emissions from fleets of aerosol-spreading jet tanker aircraft – and more than 93,000 daily airline flights – directly attack Earth’s protective ozone layer.
Though many of these “science studies” do not admit geoengineering is already going on, this fact is not hard to confirm for any that do even the slightest investigation.
Numerous references are posted below this article.

At A Crossroad

The gravity of our collective crisis cannot be overstated. Current UV metering makes clear we are now being exposed to dangerously high levels of UV radiation, specifically UVB and UVC.
The metering performed in Northern California, on which this statement is based, was done by a pair of identical state-of-the-art, brand-new, science-grade meters guaranteed to be scientifically calibrated to a range within 4%. As stated earlier in this article, the tech who did this metering is a 40- year veteran in environmental measurement and interpretation.
Here in Northern California, we are already seeing frighteningly visible damage to foliage, trees, and plants. The ramifications of extremely high UV levels to all life forms – including us – are grave. As the die-off of other species go, so will we. We are in the 6th Great Mass Extinction – right here, right now! (References below)
If geoengineering continues unabated, and the ozone layer is completely destroyed, it will be game over for us all. No ozone layer = no life on Earth.
It’s that simple.
Global geoengineering is tearing apart the entire fabric of life on our planet. • Geoengineering is poisoning our air, waters, and soils. • Geoengineering is pushing increasingly erratic atmospheric processes resulting from human-propelled climate change past the Chaos threshold into unpredictable, self-reinforcing, cascading events. • Geoengineering is disrupting the jetstream and all natural weather patterns, which in turn is fueling catastrophic climate feedback loops – the most dire of which are mass methane hydrate releases from the Arctic tundra and seafloor. • Geoengineering is destroying the stratospheric solar radiation shielding, which protects all life on Earth.
Do your own honest investigation and find out.
Global awareness of these lethal programs is rising quickly, but not fast enough. Its up to all of us to help shine the light on this life-or-death issue.
Every day counts.


From Harvard Magazine
Harvard scientist
The Science paper notes that loss of ice in the Artic threatens to release significant amounts of carbon dioxide and methane from the soils of Siberia and Northern Alaska, potentially accelerating climate change. The researchers also note that an increasingly cited remedy for climate change—geo-engineering the climate by launching sulfate particles directly into the atmosphere in order to reflect sunlight away from Earth—would accelerate the process of ozone loss by increasing the reactive surface area for the conversion of chlorine to free radical form, as was observed after the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991.

From EPA

UVB: a band of ultraviolet radiation with wavelengths from 280-320 nanometers produced by the Sun
UVB is a kind of ultraviolet light from the sun (and sun lamps) that has several harmful effects. UVB is particularly effective at damaging DNA. It is a cause of melanoma and other types of skin cancer. It has also been linked to damage to some materials, crops, and marine organisms. The ozone layer protects the Earth against most UVB coming from the sun. It is always important to protect oneself against UVB, even in the absence of ozone depletion, by wearing hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. However, these precautions will become more important as ozone depletion worsens. NASA provides more information on their web site
UVC: a band of ultraviolet radiation with wavelengths shorter than 280 nanometers
UVC is extremely dangerous, but it is completely absorbed by ozone and normal oxygen (O2). NASA provides more information on their web site
A Geo-engineering conference was held in Canberra this week see here. ‘Geo-engineering’ is taking radical steps to dramatically and rapidly cool the planet. One of the ideas being discussed at the conference is to fire sulfa particles into the atmosphere, one professor has spoken out about this:
Professor David Karoly, of the University of Melbourne’s School of Earth Sciences, says another ‘pie in the sky’ solution is to shoot sulfur particles in the atmosphere to shield the earth from the sun.
He says that would destroy the ozone layer.
“Ozone depletion would cause more UV radiation which would cause skin cancers – killing people,” he said.
“We know the mechanism for this, because it’s the process that affects the Antarctic ozone hole.”
Source: ABC Rural | 27/Sep/2011
- See more at: http://ep.yimg.com/ty/cdn/realityzone/UFNscientistOpposesGeoengineering.html#sthash.neDLCzuY.dpuf

More references,
geoengineering destroys the ozone layer http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/geoengineering-programs-continue-to-destroy-ozone-layer/
6th mass extinction is now http://www.mysterium.com/extinction.html http://www.actionbioscience.org/newfrontiers/eldredge2.html

No ozone layer, no terrestrial life on earth http://www.theozonehole.com/atmosphere.htm
UV resistant genetically modified crops http://www.academia.edu/171138/
Countering_UV-B_stress_in_plants_Does_selenium_have_a_role Global aerosol depth loop (off course this source does not mention the main source of atmospheric aerosols, global geoengineering) http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/GlobalMaps/view.php?d1=MODAL2_M_AER_OD
From a recent science study on excessive UV. Although UV-B is only a minor component of the total solar radiation (less than 0.5%), due to its high energy, its potential for causing biological damage is exceptionally high and even small increases could lead to significant biological damage.
Excessive UV effects on phytoplankton. http://www.photobiology.info/Hader.html
Human health and ecological consequences of ozone depletion. http://eesc.columbia.edu/courses/v1003/lectures/ozone_health/

Excessive UV effects on ecosystems http://www.grida.no/publications/vg/ozone/page/1389.aspx
Excessive UV effects plant development/growth http://www.agriculturejournals.cz/publicFiles/52840.pdf

Excessive UV effects plant growth http://www.ehow.com/how-does_5525557_effects-radiation-plant-growth-development.html Excessive UV and plant growth http://zebu.uoregon.edu/text/UV

Excessive UV and plant growth http://www.google.com/#q=excessive+uv+affects+plant+respiration&spell=1&sa=X&ei=GkXtUcLdCYrgyQGRnoHgDQ&ved=0CCgQBSgA&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.49478099%2Cd.aWM%2Cpv.xjs.s.en_US.c75bKy5EQ0A.O&fp=fc20d2414f75fc3c&biw=1442&bih=874

Plankton produces 50% of earths oxygen http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2004/06/0607_040607_phytoplankton.html
Plankton populations down 40% http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=phytoplankton-population

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Silence Of The American Lambs

The USA becomes the world's biggest police state, incarcerating more people than any other country in the world.

They say nothing. Silence.

The USA is by far and away the major military weapons trafficker on this planet.

They say nothing. Silence.

The ex-President of the USA, Jimmy Carter, announces that there is no longer "functioning democracy" in the USA.

They say nothing. Silence.

The ex-Assistant Secretary of the United States Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts, announces that there has been a "coup d'etat" in the USA and that the government in Washington, DC "lacks constitutional and legal legitimacy."

They say nothing. Silence.

Headlines declare that four out of every five adult Americans are either living in poverty, or are dangerously close to slipping into poverty.

They say nothing. Silence.

The USA military and various, USA backed mercenary armies, including al-Quaeda invade and destroy Libya, and now Syria. Incredibly, the American government is now militarily allied with al-Qaeda mercenaries in Syria.

They say nothing. Silence.

Edward Snowden, the ex-NSA contractor now in political exile in the international airport in Moscow, Russia, reveals that essentially everyone, everywhere, is being spied on all the time by the NSA.

They say nothing. Silence.

The USA government puts heavy pressure on Internet companies to turn over all of their clients' account passwords.

They say nothing. Silence.

The USA Army conducts urban military "training" in Chicago. Anyone believe that that is not preparation for urban warfare in the USA, maybe even practice for a major military operation in Chicago itself?

But they say nothing. Silence.

Inevitable Conclusion

Now my friends and family are like millions of others in the USA. They are just going along to get along. They vote in the transparently criminally rigged elections -- as if their vote is really determining anything at all. They send in thousands of dollars of tax tribute to the transparently criminal IRS (Internal Revenue Service -- or is it really the Infernal Revenue Service?), in full knowledge that their tax dollars are funding multi-trillion dollar bailouts of the massively criminal "too big to fail" banks and other financial firms on Wall Street. They know this, they must, at some level, because it's in all the newspapers, and still they pay, and directly subsidize a financial crime that dwarfs all other financial crimes in history. The same goes for all the torture, the illegal, immoral wars, the CIA's narcotics trafficking, the genocidal policies of the Fortune 500 companies that are subsidized by the USA government, and much more. They know all this, and still they send the tax money in that makes all of this happen. And they consider themselves "good citizens" for doing so.

Go figure.

The President they voted for, the senators and congress members they voted for, are engaged in the promotion of torture, assassination, invasion of other countries without cause, on the basis of transparent lies and fraudulent pretexts, are aiding and abetting the foulest, most destructive industries in recorded history, companies such as Monsanto, General Electric, British Petroleum, Northrop Grumman, and more. They know all of this, because it's in the news, if they care to look. I find, see and read it all with ease. It's right there for anyone to see.

And they are silent about all of this. Not one word.

They are silent, I think, because of the tacit recognition that in acquiescing to all of the above, indeed, paying taxes to support it, and voting for the politicians that countenance all of these vile policies, implicates them in all of this.

It is long established under the law that one who remains silent, one who does not object, has given his or her assent.

The Alternative

Therefore, if you disagree you must say so. If you are not in accord, you have to visibly demonstrate that. You have to kick against the traces, like a stubborn mule that refuses to cooperate. You have to separate yourself from the herd. You have to stand up. You have to stand out. You have to make a scene.

You have to register your dissent.

Yes, you may pay a price. I don't dispute that. You may even pay a very heavy price. I don't dispute that either.

But consider this: you may end up paying a far greater price if you do not object, if you do not speak out, if you do not dissent.

Ongoing Need For Legal Expenses Assistance

My quest for justice continues, as my criminal complaint against my aggressors slowly inches through the Ecuadorean justice system. Due to the gravity of my injuries, which included internal injuries, physical blows, extensive nerve damage, and extensive physical and emotional trauma, I spent more than four consecutive months hospitalized. I am now out of the hospital and continuing to recuperate with acupuncture, nutritional supplements, electrotherapy, radionic and scalar treatment, deep massage and physiotherapy. Due to persistent nerve damage and impaired function in my lower extremities I am now walking with crutches.

Serious crimes are occurring in the Amazon region, including in the shamanic tourism industry, so my case is therefore not completely unique. However, due to factors such as fear of retaliation and lack of money to retain legal counsel, comparatively few victims come forward to challenge the criminal elements. The sacred shamanic path of spiritual realization and integration has been criminally corrupted or violated in many instances, by indigenous shamans and brujos who are not seeking higher consciousness and divine wisdom. This is a deeply rooted problem in the shamanic tradition in the Amazon region. The shamanic plants themselves recognize that this is a problem.

I am therefore a bellwether, a sort of path breaker who is opening the way for others, as a type of wounded warrior who stands up for justice, in spite of the personal cost. The National Police recognize that there is a crime problem in the Amazon region on the part of certain shamans and brujos, but without witnesses who will testify, or victims who will file criminal complaints, it is difficult to successfully prosecute cases. So my case is important, as a help to break the "omerta" barrier, the fear-based silence.

In the nearest term, I still need $1,750 to meet the legal fees to move the case forward to trial. There are legal motions to be made, other legal paperwork and research, meetings with the prosecutor, medical examiner and police, the gathering and analysis of evidence, etc. It's the nature of the legal system and my attorneys also have to travel from Quito to the Amazon region, which is an all day trip. So it costs money. The billable hours add up. Justice has a price -- in time, suffering and money. That is the character of the world that we live in. I would say more, but my attorneys do not want me to divulge more detail before trial.

My medical and legal ordeal has wiped out my meager personal savings. My legal expenses are ongoing and thousands of dollars more will be needed to prosecute the case all the way to a successful conclusion. The case has wider importance beyond just my personal situation, in the sense that justice for one man will shine the light of public and legal scrutiny on the wider problem of many other crimes in the region, crimes against both persons and nature, and others will be encouraged to come forward. I appreciate your generosity in aiding my ongoing legal struggle for justice in the Amazon. Donations are not tax deductible or refundable. They go for my legal expenses in Ecuador, to bring my assailants to justice at the earliest possible time. Won't you please be generous! Contact me at dr.samizdat1618@gmail.com or Skype me at richard.sauder333 (I am not a Free Mason.)

Quote De Jour

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lamestream Media Parroting Obama's ‘phony scandal’ claim!

Mr. Obama, you are a phony President fronting for a phony government empowered by phony elections, a government that controls the people with lies, fraud., and deception which has now abandoned even the pretense of complying with the restrictions placed on that government by the Constitution of the United States of America, which is the contract under which We The People allow you to manage this nation for our benefit! Instead, you and your phony government have sold us out to Wall Street and the WTO, to enable massive plundering of the people on a grand scale, to fund wars of conquest for greater glory and wealth for you and your co-conspirators.
The scandals are real, Mr. Obama.
It is you who are phony!

The "phony scandal" line was the unofficial talking point of the week in Washington. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney made it his fallback retort from the podium -- when asked about the president's new wave of speeches on the economy, Carney explained Obama was trying to refocus Washington away from "fake" controversies.
For three speeches in a row, Obama hammered this refrain: "With this endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals, Washington has taken its eye off the ball."
But, at least on the IRS targeting scandal, both the Obama administration and the mainstream media took that controversy quite seriously when it broke in May. MSNBC's Chris Hayes called the selective screening of conservative groups a "genuine abuse of power" at the time.
Fast forward two months. As Obama hit the trail to talk economy, two CNN anchors this week described the controversies that had dogged him as "so-called scandals."
The conservative Media Research Center also calculates that on the Big Three network news channels -- NBC, CBS, and ABC -- the number of stories on the IRS scandal has plummeted.
The evening and morning shows did 96 stories in the first two weeks, according to MRC. The coverage steadily disappeared, and between June 28 and July 24, the center recorded "zero stories" on the matter.
When a major development broke last week -- testimony by a retired IRS worker that an Obama appointee was involved in the screening process -- only CBS Evening News gave the issue a mention.
Brent Bozell, founder of the Media Research Center, and other conservative leaders issued a statement Thursday decrying the alleged blackout.
"No fair, objective journalist can look at the facts of this flagrant abuse of power and not conclude that it is a massive political scandal deserving of constant, merciless scrutiny," they said in a statement.
Even before Obama and his team began pushing the "phony scandal" line, a few media outlets and personalities were making that case. Salon published an article on the IRS issue earlier this month asserting that, in the end, "the entire scandal narrative was a fiction."
MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell made the same argument.
But given the attention their own networks gave the IRS and other scandals just a few weeks earlier, a number of journalists and media personalities refused to go easy on the president this week.
On MSNBC, host Joe Scarborough ripped into Carney on Wednesday after the press secretary claimed the attention on "phony scandals" had all "come to naught."
"Do you think the IRS scandal is a phony scandal?" Scarborough asked.
Carney described it as "inappropriate activity," claiming that the press got "extremely excited" about the potential for scandal only to drop it when the "facts came out."
Scarborough, getting heated, pointed out new allegations that the controversy went all the way up to the IRS counsel's office, led by a political appointee. After Carney accused the host of pushing a GOP talking point, Scarborough said: "Stop your games with me. ... I'm not playing your games. I'm not somebody you talk ... down to from your podium."
Carney closed by asserting the IRS controversy was not a scandal because the White House was not involved.
Congressional Democrats have tried to downplay the IRS scandal lately by pointing to emerging evidence that liberal groups may have been singled out in IRS criteria as well. The matter is still being investigated. However, as Republicans note, liberal groups have not come forward to say they actually were targeted -- as conservative and Tea Party groups have done, by the dozens.
And the other so-called "phony scandals" continue to churn in Washington.
After the Obama administration took heat for seizing phone and email records from journalists, the Department of Justice earlier this month released new guidelines for investigations involving reporters -- in response to the outcry. The administration continues to battle with Congress over the surveillance power of the National Security Agency -- narrowly defeating a House bill this past week that would have reined in the NSA.
And on the Benghazi terror attack, Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., and others continue to raise serious questions about what happened that night and why lawmakers have not been provided access to the survivors.
Becky Gerritson, a Tea Party activist whose group was stalled by the IRS and who testified about it on Capitol Hill, took umbrage at the administration's "phony scandal" line.
"I think it's like the captain of the Titanic calling the icebergs phony," she said. "I think the only phony thing going on is the narrative that the White House is trying to push off on the American people."

“Urban Warfare Training” and the Militarization of America

This week’s deployment of Blackhawk helicopters in Chicago is only the latest in a series of “urban warfare training” exercises that have become a familiar feature of American life.
As elsewhere, this exercise was sprung unannounced on a startled civilian population. Conducted in secrecy, apparently with the collusion of local police agencies and elected officials, Democrats and Republicans alike, the ostensible purpose of these exercises is to give US troops experience in what Pentagon doctrine refers to as “Military Operations on Urban Terrain.” 
Such operations are unquestionably of central importance to the US military. Over the past decade, its primary mission, as evidenced in Afghanistan and Iraq, has been the invasion and occupation of relatively powerless countries and the subjugation of their resisting populations, often in house-to-house fighting in urban centers.
The Army operates a 1,000 acre Urban Training Center in south-central Indiana that boasts over 1,500 “training structures” designed to simulate houses, schools, hospitals and factories. The center’s web site states that it “can be tailored to replicate both foreign and domestic scenarios.”
What does flying Blackhawks low over Chicago apartment buildings or rolling armored military convoys through the streets of St. Louis accomplish that cannot be achieved through the sprawling training center’s simulations? Last year alone, there were at least seven such exercises, including in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Tampa, St. Louis, Minneapolis and Creeds, Virginia.
The most obvious answer is that these exercises accustom troops to operating in US cities, while desensitizing the American people to the domestic deployment of US military might.
Preparations for such deployments are already far advanced. Over the past decade, under the pretext of prosecuting a “global war on terror,” Washington has enacted a raft of repressive legislation and created a vast new bureaucracy of state control under the Department of Homeland Security. Under the Obama administration, the White House has claimed the power to throw enemies of the state into indefinite military detention or even assassinate them on US soil by means of drone strikes, while radically expanding electronic spying on the American population.
Part of this process has been the ceaseless growth of the power of the US military and its increasing intervention into domestic affairs. In 2002, the creation of the US Northern Command for the first time dedicated a military command to operations within the US itself.
Just last May, the Pentagon announced the implementation of new rules of engagement for US military forces operating on American soil to provide “support” to “civilian law enforcement authorities, including responses to civil disturbances.”
The document declares sweeping and unprecedented military powers under a section entitled “Emergency Authority.” It asserts the authority of a “federal military commander” in “extraordinary emergency circumstances where prior authorization by the president is impossible and duly constituted local authorities are unable to control the situation, to engage temporarily in activities that are necessary to quell large-scale, unexpected civil disturbances.” In other words, the Pentagon brass claims the unilateral authority to impose martial law.
These powers are not being asserted for the purpose of defending the US population against terrorism or to counter some hypothetical emergency. The US military command is quite conscious of where the danger lies.
In a recent article, a senior instructor at the Fort Leavenworth Command and General Staff College and former director of the Army’s School of Advanced Military Studies laid out a telling scenario for a situation in which the military could intervene.
“The Great Recession of the early twenty-first century lasts far longer than anyone anticipated. After a change in control of the White House and Congress in 2012, the governing party cuts off all funding that had been dedicated to boosting the economy or toward relief. The United States economy has flatlined, much like Japan’s in the 1990s, for the better part of a decade. By 2016, the economy shows signs of reawakening, but the middle and lower-middle classes have yet to experience much in the way of job growth or pay raises. Unemployment continues to hover perilously close to double digits …”
In other words, the Pentagon sees these conditions—which differ little from what exists in the US today—producing social upheavals that can be quelled only by means of military force.
What is being upended, behind the scenes and with virtually no media coverage, much less public debate, are constitutional principles dating back centuries that bar the use of the military in civilian law enforcement. In the Declaration of Independence itself, the indictment justifying revolution against King George included the charge that he had “affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power.”
Side by side with the rising domestic power of the military, the supposedly civilian police have been militarized. An article published by the Wall Street Journal last weekend entitled “The Rise of the Warrior Cop” graphically described this process:
“Driven by martial rhetoric and the availability of military-style equipment—from bayonets and M-16 rifles to armored personnel carriers—American police forces have often adopted a mind-set previously reserved for the battlefield. The war on drugs and, more recently, post-9/11 antiterrorism efforts have created a new figure on the US scene: the warrior cop—armed to the teeth, ready to deal harshly with targeted wrongdoers, and a growing threat to familiar American liberties.”
The article describes the vast proliferation of SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) units to virtually every town in America, fueled by some $35 billion in grants from the Department of Homeland Security, “with much of the money going to purchase military gear such as armored personnel carriers.”
This armed force was on full display in April when what amounted to a state of siege was imposed on the city of Boston, ostensibly to capture one teenage suspect. The entire population of a major American city was locked in their homes as combat-equipped police, virtually indistinguishable from troops, occupied the streets and conducted warrantless house-to-house searches.
Underlying this unprecedented militarization of US society are two parallel processes. The immense widening of the social chasm separating the billionaires and multi-millionaires who control economic and political life from American working people, the great majority of the population, is fundamentally incompatible with democracy and requires other forms of rule. At the same time, the turn to militarism as the principal instrument of US foreign policy has vastly increased the power of the military within the US state apparatus.
Both America’s ruling oligarchy and the Pentagon command recognize that profound social polarization and deepening economic crisis must give rise to social upheavals. They are preparing accordingly.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

12:45 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Buys 72,000 Rounds of Ammo

Not satisfied with last year’s purchase of 46,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently solicited bids for an additional 72,000 rounds.
Credit: Geoffrey Fairchild via Flickr
Credit: Geoffrey Fairchild via Flickr
A solicitation by the scientific agency posted July 8 on the Federal Business Opportunities web site requested “56,000 rounds of .40 caliber 180 grain jacketed hollow points” and “16,000 rounds of .40 caliber frangible lead free rounds.”
The NOAA appears to have had an immediate need for the rounds as their requested response date was only four days later on July 12.
Jacketed hollow points (JHPs) are not training rounds.
They are designed to expand (or “mushroom”) on impact and are more expensive than ball ammo used for practice.
As reported last August by Paul Joseph Watson, the National Weather Service, operating under the NOAA, purchased 46,000 JHPs and 500 paper targets supposedly for various weather stations.
The Washington Times later reported, via a statement from NOAA spokesperson Scott Smullen, that last year’s ammunition request contained a “clerical error” and that the “solicitation for ammunition and targets for the NOAA Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement mistakenly identified NOAA’s National Weather Service as the requesting office.”
As Watson pointed out, this explanation still doesn’t explain why JHPs are needed for paper targets when they are obviously not training rounds.
“You should always practice with what you’re going to use in real life,” Steven Howard, a former federal agent said in support of training with JHPs, in an interview with TribLive.
Yet with “defense load” JHPs costing at least one dollar a round for common service calibers, it is hard to imagine CHL holders and local police departments spending that much money to stay proficient in shooting.
Even if costs are not an issue, local police departments may still have trouble procuring enough ammo for training due to the ammo shortage encouraged by our federal government, as Steve Watson reported back in May.
But in further response to Howard’s comment, bullet designs are not that significant in training as long as shooters use ball ammunition that is just as powerful as their defense load JHP, generating the same recoil and shooter reaction.
An expanding bullet means little to a paper target.
In regards to the quantity of ammo requested buy the NOAA, why does the Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement (FOLE) even need 56,000 JHPs, especially if the agency supposedly received 46,000 rounds last year?
Assuming that this latest solicitation is going directly to the FOLE for the agency’s own use and not somehow funneled into the Department of Homeland Security.
The FOLE is tasked primarily with enforcing fishing regulations, supporting scientific studies and protecting endangered marine species.
According to Smullen in a Fox News interview, the ammunition purchased is “standard issue” and will be used by 63 agents during training and qualifications.
That is the key point.
Sixty-three federal agents are armed with .40 caliber sidearms in order to enforce fishing regulations, “protecting the ecosystem” and “promoting marine conservation.”
As more regulations are added every year and more agents are hired for enforcement, more ammo will be purchased compared to the previous years.
This is true with the entire federal government as a whole as the cancer of tyranny grows and the roots of liberty decay.
As surreal as it sounds, the NOAA’s massive purchase of over 100,000 rounds of JHPs in the past two years follows the trend of other federal non-military agencies which combined have purchased conservatively 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition in little over a year.
In an interview with Breitbart, Jeff Knox, director of The Firearms Collective said that it’s the number of feds with guns that’s important, not necessarily the number of rounds.
“There are currently more than 70 different federal law enforcement agencies employing over 120,000 officers with arrests and firearms authority,” Knox said. “That’s an increase of nearly 30 percent between 2004 and 2008.”
“If the trends have continued upward at a relatively steady rate, that would put the total number of federal law enforcement officers at somewhere between 135,000 and 145,000.”
Knox said that’s a staggering number considering there’s only an estimated 765,000 state and local law enforcement officers.
“That means that about one in seven law enforcement officers in the country works directly for the federal government,” he said. “Not a local jurisdiction.”
The Second Amendment may simply suffocate under the weight of big government as ammunition manufacturers struggle to equip additional federal agents, leaving the ammo cans of the American people dry.

Republished from: Infowars

DHS Planned to Kill Peaceful Protesters in Sniper Attacks

In June, Infowars.com cited a report by WhoWhatWhy.com revealing that the “FBI was aware of an organization, possibly a local police department or private security company, that had plans to assassinate peaceful protesters during the Occupy Movement.”
The classified document released by the FBI read:
An identified [DELETED] as of October planned to engage in sniper attacks against protestors (sic) in Houston, Texas if deemed necessary. An identified [DELETED] had received intelligence that indicated the protesters in New York and Seattle planned similar protests in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin,Texas. [DELETED] planned to gather intelligence against the leaders of the protest groups and obtain photographs, then formulate a plan to kill the leadership via suppressed sniper rifles.
“According to journalist David Lindorff, the FBI planned to assassinate the leaders of the now moribund Occupy movement ‘via suppressed sniper rifles,” a follow up report by Kurt Nimmo confirmed.
The following is a transcript of Alex Jones spoken analysis:
It is essential to understand that information is being declassified on purpose, to create a chilling effect against constitutionally protected activities like demonstrations and protests. But it’s also there to mainline the idea that assassination/death squads are operating within America.
When you have the president signing the NDAA publicly saying we can kill, disappear Americans, we can torture, we can do whatever we want, that can then be given to special forces, contractors and others who have already been carrying out these types of seek-and-destroy operations in foreign countries.
So they believe it’s legal and lawful. In essence, this is the public roll-out, or testing of the waters. A trial balloon for death squads to operate openly in America.
All of this in the name of “terrorism,” when the government itself has become the ultimate terrorists.
This is psychological warfare against police, the military and the general public. It is the mainlining, the normalizing of the most barbarous, over-the-top, illegal activities that governments can engage in.
The open, premeditated plan to murder peaceful demonstrators on a scale that dwarfs Kent State protests.
This is a test to contractors, police, military and the feds–standby for your orders to kill.
This is how they’re creating an army of killers. The police need to know that this is a psyop aimed at them, to see if they’ll carry out over-the-top evil.
We’re talking about a truly hijacked rogue government that’s done this clandestinely in the third world for over sixty years.
What goes around, comes around.
America sat idly by while criminal elements used our government to carry out death squad operations, now it’s coming home.
Cops that don’t follow orders, get beat or sentenced to tax collecting, also known as meeting ticket quotas.
We focused in on the micro–how they’re manipulating the individual security services, let’s expand on the macro. Once it becomes well known that there’s death squads operating it will create a chilling effect.
But it will also cause reprisals.
When somebody’s car blows up like Hastings’ in the future, people will know it was done by the system.
They won’t know who to target, but there will be reprisals.
Military veterans will target every major city with IEDs in the near future and are the number terror threat according the DHS occupation forces.
The off the chart nature of this is what’s so genius.  Tyrants that go over the top, tend to succeed more often than tyrants that just move incrementally.
We’ve known for 5 years that DHS was shifting from Al-Qaeda to veterans and gun owners being the number one terror threat. And now it’s just been normalized.
Now we’re being acclimated to the idea of sniper teams taking people out for exercising the first amendment. If it worked for the Nazis and the Soviets, why not here?
Two days ago the House joined the NSA by endorsing illegal spying, which indicates the bottom has completely fallen out of our republic.
The blackest stench of tyranny now spills fourth from the maw of hell.  Every form of evil is being released from its eon-old sleep to crawl openly upon the ground and devour our security, our wealth and our future.
They’re getting ready to push us into a civil war.
They’re getting ready to push the security services into confrontations with the American people, to start the conflict that they’ve scripted.
Just like in Iraq they’ve pushed the Shiites off against the Sunnis. It’s pure divide and conquer, it’s scientifically diabolical.
If observers ever want to know how the U.S. could be brought down, it would be from within, with this 21st century type high-tech subterfuge.
This is it.
How can foreign banks steal tens of trillions of dollars of Americans’ money? Simple. Just say protesting banks is an act of terrorism and kill everybody who dares to speak out.
The other so called Americans will just run in fear and endorse the oppression, thanks to mass Stockholm syndrome engineered into them from birth.
The powerful fiction film The Purge, is a near future window into the choices we have to make.

Pepper-spray cop seeks workers' comp

The former UC Davis police officer who pepper-sprayed a group of seated protesters at a campus Occupy demonstration in 2011 is appealing for workers' compensation for psychiatric damage stemming from the incident.
Lt. John Pike, who was videotaped spraying the students Nov. 18, 2011, is scheduled to go before a settlement conference about the case Aug. 13 in Sacramento, according to the state Department of Industrial Relations website.
Pike's home and e-mail addresses were posted online after videos of him walking back and forth spraying students with the chemical irritant went viral.
The union that represents UC Davis police officers said Pike subsequently received more than 17,000 angry or threatening e-mails, 10,000 text messages and hundreds of letters, plus unwanted magazines, products and food delivered to his home.
He has moved several times and changed his phone number and e-mail address to avoid the harassment, the union said.
UC Davis fired Pike in July 2012 after an eight-month investigation, during which he was on paid leave.

Friday, July 26, 2013

DOUBLE SPEAK ALERT:Pelosi: We Must Uphold Our Oath To The Constitution By Passing Gun Control

Political Outcast – by Philip Hodges
It’s been just over a year since James Holmes entered an Aurora, Colorado “gun-free” theater and shot up a bunch of defenseless movie-goers. Since then, gun control activists have capitalized off of the murder victims in their attempt to appeal to Americans’ emotions.
When that debate began to fizzle, Sandy Hook conveniently happened in a gun-free school, and since it involved more people and little kids, politicians were able to more effectively tug at America’s heartstrings to convince people that gun confiscation is really the most responsible thing to do to combat “gun violence.” But because of the evil gun lobby, even the “compromised” Manchin-Toomey bill failed in the Senate.  Now, we’re waiting for the next act of mass murder that is sure to be bigger, bloodier and better than Sandy Hook and Aurora combined. And when the media works its magic, it’ll be equally more entertaining and dramatic, especially when they delve into and dwell on the “lone gunman’s” twisted and shocking past and personal life.
No doubt the media will feast on it like a parasite, sucking the lifeblood of the victims and churning out increased profits in the form of higher ratings. And politicians will cry fake tears in exchange for votes, money and guns. You know the drill.
But while we wait for the next big event to happen, Nancy Pelosi wants to commemorate the one-year anniversary of James Holmes’s theatrical murder spree. She wants to remind everyone that she and the rest of Washington haven’t forgotten about their “Constitutional” responsibility to enact gun control:
“In Congress, there can be no more fitting memorial to the lives lost in Aurora, in Newtown, and across the country than a concerted effort to enact commonsense gun safety legislation. We must uphold our oath to ‘protect and defend’ the constitution and all Americans by expanding background checks and keeping dangerous firearms out of the wrong hands. We must restore confidence in the safety of our homes, schools, movie theaters, and neighborhoods by taking clear, concrete steps to prevent gun violence.”
Never mind the fact that in her Congressional oath, the phrase “protect and defend” doesn’t appear. The phrase she’s looking for is “support and defend.” And if she’s going to support and defend the Constitution, that includes the 2nd Amendment, which includes the phrase “shall not be infringed.” There is no Constitutional basis for gun control at all. I guess she thinks we must break the law in order to enforce it?
She wants more gun-free zones to protect schools and theaters. We already have those, and we ended up with Aurora and Sandy Hook. I can only conclude that she must want more of those types of incidents.
If politicians like Pelosi truly want to support and defend the Constitution, they’d work to repeal all federal gun control laws and allow states to have their own laws, if any, governing guns. Is that likely to happen with gun-grabbers like Pelosi? Not in this lifetime.

Propaganda Hyped By Lamestream Media - Are You Falling For Any Of These?

If you don’t give up your money and cheap readily available energy, the climate will come and kill you.
If you don’t give up your rights, terrorists will come kill you.
If you don’t give up your ability to defend your family, someone will come kill you.
If we don’t borrow an extra trillion dollars, the economy will collapse.
If you don't drink a large soft drink, you will die.
If we don’t get Snowden, evil people will attack the country.
If we don’t convict Zimmerman of something, the KKK will take over.
If we don’t give 10 trillion dollars to the banks, the economy will collapse.

Thank goodness we have dear leader to protect us from all this imaginary evil.

How The Establishment Will Attempt To Take Whats left of Your Freedom

How does one destroy an idea? Further, how does one destroy the truth? Corrupt governments have been struggling with this dilemma since men wore loincloths and worshiped fire. Fortunately for those of us in the “lower strata” of social organization, honorable ideas and indelible truths have a life of their own. Even when a culture as a whole remains oblivious and unguarded, the facts tend to rise to the surface one way or another. The reality which elitists at least partly understand, is that the truth cannot be destroyed, but it can be forgotten, at least for a time.
flaginwireThis is a never-ending process. New generations arise, greater awareness builds, old but astonishing concepts of freedom are rediscovered, and the machine must struggle once again to keep the cogs in line. The truth is a metaphysical force. When you do battle with the truth, you do battle with the universe, and the universe’s Kung Fu is superior to your Kung Fu.
Oligarchs and tyrants still attack the foundations of natural law and natural liberty by conning the public into believing that these inherent belief systems are “antiquated” or “passe”, but this strategy has a limited effect as long as strong freedom champions exist. Liberty based movements and organizations are often tenacious, intelligent, socially savvy, and much more willing to sacrifice themselves for their cause than the enemy is willing for his cause. The truth, when wielded by formidable warriors, rolls forward like an high velocity electric storm.
Because of this dynamic, criminal governments and their puppeteers have taken a simpler path, moving to cripple and defame the speakers of truth in a manner that they hope will stain and sully the truth itself.
In the past decade, the Liberty Movement has grown beyond all expectation. Millions of people have been jolted from their intellectual sleep to discover a nation and a world on the brink of economic, political, and moral collapse. They have seen beyond the veil. They have been disgusted. And now, they are preparing to fight back. Among those with open eyes are certain standouts; those individuals and groups who were railing against the establishment and its maniacal methods long before it was fashionable. These men and women are leaders, in the sense that they are teachers rather than managers. They do not control the movement, but they do INSPIRE the movement. It is the most dedicated and the most uplifting of activists that the system tends to target in order to demean the core strength of the overall movement and tarnish its reputation.
A recent and malicious example is the subversive electronic planting of false evidence in an attempt to connect organizations like Oath Keepers, We Are Change, and PANDA to illicit and illegal pornographic materials:
This is only one method of attack in the arsenal of slander and destabilization, and while the culprits behind the action are not yet known, the strategy is very similar to government run demonization campaigns of the past (just read up on the history of Cointelpro). The following is a list of tactics commonly used by governments to divide activist groups, reduce their momentum, or cripple their image in the public eye…
Low Hanging Fruit
A tactic used over and over again by federal agents is the “grooming” of unaware stooges, or people only loosely associated with a particular organization, otherwise known as “low hanging fruit”. This is done through carefully planned suggestive questions by undercover operatives. These questions will usually be designed to elicit an incriminating response, which is then used to arrest the activist and smear the organization he belongs to by association. For instance, if someone you have not known for very long (meaning less than several years) asked you:
“If the SHTF, what buildings would you blow up and how would you do it?”
“Which local cops do you think you would take out if you had to and how would you do it…?”
Then there is a good chance you are talking to a fed, or an informant with a wire. Charges are built using the concept of “conspiracy”, meaning, if they catch you on tape discussing anything that might be construed as committing a specific crime, you can be arrested and charged. This is exactly how the FBI pursued their case against Hutaree Militia members in 2010, which eventually fizzled. However, federal agencies have been very successful in many other incidences. Anyone participating in Liberty Movement activism should remain vigilant, and should never enter into hypothetical discussions of specific violent actions.
Image Destruction
To stop good men from doing good things, you can kill them, but this is messy and creates many questions. If possible, it is better to simply damage their public image as “good men”. That is to say, if you make good men criminals in the eyes of the public, then no one will ask questions when you use force against them later. The sad reality is, many people WANT to believe the worst in others. Much of humanity is infected with apathy, compliance, and nihilism. They live empty lives pandering like beggars for scraps from a soulless system. They claim they want to believe in honor, courage, and clarity, but when confronted with a person who actually exhibits these qualities in abundance, they secretly feel ashamed of their own inadequacies.
A substantial part of our society revels in the snuffing of heroes, because they never want to admit how cowardly they personally are in comparison. The fall of a hero makes them feel better about themselves.
Defamation works because people assume in most cases that slander is true without evidence to support it. Depending on the nature of the supposed crime, the stain may never go away even after vindication in a court of law. If you want to poison the citizenry against a particular freedom group, why not create false accusations of thievery, rape, murder, terrorism, child pornography, etc. among its members?
Planting Evidence
Evidence planting is an old favorite of evil men, but in the digital age, such corruption has taken on more elaborate life. Computers are layered storage devices, and most computer users never deal with or touch a majority of these layers. As the Snowden/NSA scandal has now made abundantly clear, the government has the ability not to mention the legal framework to allow infiltration of your computer’s underlying structure. They can remove whatever information they wish, and, they can ADD whatever information they wish. A computer could be secretly laced with incriminating data without the user being aware.
Furthermore, arrested activists have no ability to monitor their home environment. Whatever is “found” within the home can immediately be used as evidence against the owner, even if the home has been placed out of the owner’s control. Law enforcement officials are not necessarily required to search a person’s home under owner supervision. Anything can be planted at anytime.
Make The Legal Appear Illegal
The following video was discovered within the DHS/FEMA HSEEP website archives. It portrays an imagined scenario using fictional news footage in which “militia members” are raided by federal officers under the guise of stopping terrorism:
Take note that the DHS lists semi-automatic firearms, ammo, night vision, and flak jackets as “contraband” in the video. These are all perfectly legal items today. Arrests of those within the liberty community are often accompanied by a display of stockpiled weapons, as if the stockpiling of firearms is illegal. Household chemicals, fertilizers, or reloading gunpowders are commonly presented to the public as “bomb making materials”.
During a crisis, prepping could easily be labeled “hording”, and those with the good sense to organize for their own survival might be treated as “selfish” or “treasonous” for refusing to surrender their stockpiles to emergency management bureaucrats to be parceled out as they see fit. In this way, the establishment uses the fears of the populace to open morally relative doors. That which was normal and legal before is made illegal without the law ever actually being changed.
Scatter Gun False Flags
Large scale complex false flag operations used to be a tried and true fallback for despotic regimes (I recommend deep study into the exposure of Operation Gladio for a greater understanding of how False Flags function).  Lately, though, intricate false flags seem to be backfiring on the establishment.  The Boston Marathon Bombing did produce an opportunity to test run large scale martial law tactics in a populated area not seen since Katrina, but the event was incredibly sloppy.  Most Americans are at least partially suspicious of the nature of the attack and the government response, including the fact that the two main suspects were longtime FBI informants.
False flag events will certainly be used against the Liberty Movement, but I believe this will be done using multiple smaller scale attacks with less players involved, like a spray of shot from a scatter gun.  The “crazed constitutionalist gun-nut” fantasy will be trotted out over and over again in random shootings, bombings, cop killings and so on.  The media will make it seem as though stepping outside of your home is certain death by way of “right wing extremism”.  Targets will be random and unassuming, giving rise to fears that anyone, no matter where they live, could be next.
Night Of Long Knives
Beyond the realm of defamation lay physical action. Every tyranny in history finalized authority using a “wiping of the slate”, as it were. Political opponents are swept away in the night, or killed in their beds in a meticulously organized and coordinated assault. This may seem like an outmoded style of government aggression, but it is still used today. Once again, the raids on members of the Hutaree Militia were handled exactly like a Night of Long Knives scenario, using multiple groups of officers in three separate states. Regardless of what you might think of the Hutaree, the point is that the establishment is training its law enforcement to use such tactics and use them in advanced ways.
Prominent Liberty Movement proponents should prepare for the worst, harden their homes, and build strong local community in case such an event arises. The process of “decapitating the leadership” of ideologically opposing organizations is a mainstay of oligarchy. In the U.S. today, the existence of the indefinite detention and rendition provisions of the NDAA and the “enemy combatant status” applied to classified White House assassination lists means this concern is not paranoia, but a cold hard reality of life for any American standing against the system.
Good Guys And Bad Guys
In order for any government or corporate aristocracy to take control of a culture, it must first assert itself as relevant. It must at least appear useful to the people, so that it can gain their support. As long as the state is viewed as the “bad guy” in the public mind, there can be no dominance. A new bad guy must be engineered, and who better to present as the great villain than your most effective political adversaries.
There will come a time in the near future when the demonization campaigns of the DHS or the SPLC today will seem like a cakewalk. Count on it. The best our movement can do for now is to expose each misstep of the establishment, and continue to weaken their position. Every time we call out a propaganda initiative, or derail it in advance of its inception, we reduce THEIR public image, and cement our own.
It’s a bit ironic, but usually what evil men want most is to be seen as saviors; as guardians and protectors. They want to be seen as benevolent knights in shining armor coming to rescue the poor oblivious multitudes. When any information war hits it’s climax, the goal of either side is to maintain the moral high ground. We already have it, and thus, they have to take it. How they will seek to do this is at once predictable, and horrifying.

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Pic De Jour

EPA allows 3000% increase in food Pesticides - You're being poisoned on a massive scale!

20 Controversial Questions The Lamestream Media Won’t Touch With A Ten Foot Pole

#1 Was foul play involved in the helicopter crash that killed 22 members of the Navy’s elite SEAL Team 6 unit?  Why were all the bodies cremated?  Why was the helicopter’s black box never recovered?  And during a memorial service for the fallen soldiers, why was an imam allowed to pray an Islamic prayer that “included language on U.S. soldiers burning in hell“?
#2 Why is the head of the NSA allowed to call a “top secret” meeting of the U.S. House of Representatives and use it to try to strong-arm members to vote against a bill that would place some significant restrictions on the agency?
#3 Why is the media so silent about the fact that a 72-year-old retiring IRS lawyer has testified that IRS officials in Washington D.C. “planned and oversaw the agency’s improper targeting of conservative groups“?
#4 Why did the man “who leads the IRS Office of Chief Counsel” meet with Barack Obama just days before his office issued new guidelines about how to handle applications from conservative groups?
#5 Why were the records that showed how often officials had accessed Christine O’Donnell’s personal tax documents destroyed?
#6 Why has Barack Obama ordered federal government workers to spy on the “lifestyles, attitudes and behaviors” of their fellow workers? Do we now live in East Germany?

#7 Why is the U.S. media not explaining to us that the Fukushima nuclear plant has continued to leak huge amounts of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean?
#8 Why do some measurements indicate that water near the Fukushima nuclear plant is “90,000 times more radioactive” than normal drinking water?
#9 Why is the San Antonio City Council trying to permanently ban Bible believersfrom participating in city government, business or employment?
#10 Why is the Obama administration arming Syrian rebels that are ransacking entire Christian villages?
#11 Why is the CIA spending $630,000 on a study that is investigating how “to control global weather“?
#12 Why does Wall Street veteran Art Cashin believe that there is a conspiracyto suppress the price of gold?
#13 How did an illegal immigrant rack up 37 criminal convictions in this country without being deported?
#14 Why are governments all over the planet allowing scientists to create bizarre human-animal hybrids?
#15 Why did Barack Obama encourage the EU to institute a boycott on financial dealings with Jewish individuals and Jewish businesses in the West Bank, Golan Heights and eastern Jerusalem?
#16 Why is the Obama administration pushing a plan that would force Israel to give up control of the Temple Mount?
#17 Why won’t the mainstream media tell us that many of the large Trayvon Martin protests that are taking place around the country are actually being organized by an organization called the Revolutionary Communist Party?
#18 Why is the parent company of Fox News funneling massive amounts of moneyto Democrat candidates?
#19 Why are the U.S. government and Monsanto teaming up against opponents of genetically-modified food?
#20 Why are so many major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions happening along “the Ring of Fire” this year?  Recent examples include New ZealandPeru andJapan.  Should the west coast be concerned?
Are there any other additional questions that you would add to this list? 

Americas Hit Squad Can Wack Anyone Anywhere Anytime And Are Above The Law

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


America is drowning in artificially created debt. Millions are homeless, hungry, jobless. The money-junkies prefer to blame the victims, but here is why this nation is in such trouble.

The American media has been remiss (intentionally) in reporting on the mortgage-backed securities fraud, even though it is the initiating event in the economic disaster which continues to engulf the world. But while the government can pretend none of this ever happened, the civil suits will drag the scandal into the public eye, and well it should!

For the newer readers, here is a summary of how DC and Wall Street got us all into this mess.
After the last Depression, Congress enacted a law, Glass-Steagall, which forbid banks, insurance companies, and investment houses to be in the same institution, to deter reckless speculation with depositors' money, which was seen as a major contributor to the stock market instability of the time. Then in 1999, at the height of the "Deregulation" craze, Citigroup and Travelers merged, a clear violation of Glass-Steagall. But rather than enforce the law, Congress repealed the prohibitions of Glass-Steagall with the passage of the 1999 Financial Services Act.
That opened the floodgates for runaway financial speculation. Wall Street knew that if they made money they would be allowed to keep it, but if their investments lost money, the US Government would step in to transfer the losses to the American people, because that is what had been demonstrated during the S&L debacle of the 1980s.
Starting about in 2005, Wall Street started bundling mortgages together into investment bundles. The initial offerings were greeted with great success, and soon everybody wanted to get in this new "product." So great was the demand for Mortgage-backed Securities (MBS, also called Collateralized Debt Obligations) that Wall Street started running out of mortgages to front-load the system! This led to the creation of the "sub-prime" mortgage; granting mortgages to people who normally would not qualify. Congress, themselves invested in the Wall Street firms that were profiting from selling MBS, passed an $8000 first-time homebuyer tax credit (actually a loan repaid in future taxes) to lure more buyers in which helped front-load the process even faster. This sudden surge in new homebuyers increased demand and home prices skyrocketed! This made investors and homebuyers even more confident, demand for homes and MBS soared even higher and a genuine bubble was being formed.
Demand for MBS was so great that as the supply of available mortgages began to dwindle, brokers started taking 'shortcuts'. Bear Sterns was pledging the same mortgages into multiple investment bundles; a clear case of fraud. Other brokers were blending mortgages into the bundles that were already in foreclosure. As the returns from the MBS failed to materialize evidence surfaced that the earlier earnings had not been genuine, but were "ponzi" payoffs, using money collected from new investors to send dividends to older investors.
The whole scam started to unravel in 2008 and here is where things took a dark turn. Because Congress had their own fortunes invested in the companies at the heart of the fraud, Congress decided to prop up the scam with taxpayer money and block any efforts to investigate or prosecute. That is why TARP was passed by the Congress despite 90% popular opposition. Congress were saving themselves at the expense of the taxpayers. The phrase "toxic asset" was DC-speak for the fraudulent mortgages backed securities, which were being repurchased in order to avoid investors seeking to jail the Wall Street criminals, which would have brought all of Wall Street down. Despite claims that the US taxpayer would be refunded when the "Toxic Assets" were resold at some point in the future, the reality is that none of those assets will ever see a penny of repayment, because they are all the product of the biggest financial swindle in history. Bigger than Tulip mania. Bigger than the Great South Seas Company disaster.
These fraudulent mortgage-backed securities were being given triple-A ratings by the Wall Street ratings agencies, which were supposed to provide independent analysis of the value of investments. But as we saw with Arthur Anderson and ENRON, the supposed independent authority colluded to make the swindle look better than it was. Because the ratings agencies were giving triple-A ratings to the mortgage-backed securities, even as they reeled from losses, pension funds and retirement funds were allowed to purchase them, which is the real reason why public pensions for teachers, police, and firefighters have gone broke.
Together with having to cover the credit default swaps sold with those mortgage backed securities, it is estimated that the swindle has cost the nation $27 trillion, at least $16 trillion admitted to by the Federal Reserve in "loans" and "bailouts" (actually buy-backs) from foreign investors such as Credit Suisse, Deutchebank, the Bank of Libya (boy, did THEY get hosed; 98% of their sovereign wealth fund destroyed by Goldman Sachs aka Gold In My Sacks!), etc. Globalism took a major swindle in the US financial system and turned it into a global cataclysm from which we are all still reeling.
But while the "Too Big To Fail" banks were being bailed out by the US Government, smaller banks caught in the mess were struggling to stay solvent as cash poured out of their coffers to buy back all that bad paper they had sold to investors. Those monthly payments made by home-owners were not sufficient to cover the losses; the whole value of those homes needed to be returned to the banks' balance sheets to keep the banks technically solvent. So again, starting in 2008, Washington DC sent out a private message to banks and mortgage companies that DC would look the other way if foreclosures to home loans were "short-cutted." This kicked off the "Foreclosuregate" scandal in which phony foreclosure paper mills, bogus notaries, MERS were all used to facilitate a massive land grab from the American people. As Damon Slivers put it during Congress' hearings into the foreclosure mess, "We can have a realistic discussion of the foreclosure mess, or we can preserve the capital structure of the banks. We cannot do both. Which shall we do?"
In hindsight, it is obvious which choice the government made. We are seeing wealth confiscation, no different than when FDR confiscated the gold from the American people to save the banks, only this time, done in a covert way to trick Americans into thinking it was their own fault they lost their homes. But again, this was the result of official US policy which gave tax credits to corporations that actually encouraged offshoring of American jobs. In short, the US Government took their jobs to make it easer for the banks to take their homes, to save themselves from going to prison over the mortgage-backed securities fraud.
Iceland had the right solution. They tossed the crooked bankers in jail and fired the government that tried to loot the people to save those bankers and Iceland's economy is already on the rise. (Which is why you don't see much mention of them any more in the American media)
That is it in a nutshell!