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Monday, August 31, 2015

Holy Crap

The day Al Gore was born there were 7000 polar bears on Earth. Today, only 26,000 remain.

Oh Shit!


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Felony Marijuana Charges Dismissed Against 94-Year-Old War Veteran in Charlotte, North Carolina

Several months ago, our very own Russ Belville helped publicize the plight of Douglas Floyd Ponischil, a 94-year old veteran of World War II, who had been arrested in Charlotte, North Carolina, on felony marijuana possession charges (“Rest Easy, Charlotte. The 94-Year-Old Marijuana Consumer Has Been Arrested!“). Mr. Ponischil wasn’t growing any marijuana and he certainly wasn’t a marijuana dealer. The absurdity of that felony arrest against an elderly war hero with absolutely no criminal history, galvanized national support for the man and just further added to the motivation that fuels Drug War reformers.

I decided to check up on Mr. Ponischil, but found that any update of his case was lacking any media attention and it didn’t pop up on “Google News”. I was pleasantly surprised to see that his lawyer had posted an update on his firm’s page. The charges had been dismissed! From the Law Office of Christopher Connelly:
Attorney Chris Connelly was honored to represent Douglas Ponischil in this marijuana felony case and secure a dismissal.  Mr. Ponischil is a 94 yo WWII combat veteran who survived a U Boat attack that left him in the dangerous waters of the Caribbean for several days until rescue.
He had never had any adverse contact with the law until March of 2015 when police raided his house and arrested him, accusing him of felony possession of marijuana. This arrest ocurred several weeks after marijuana had been mailed to his home on someone else’s behalf.  Instead of investigating whether this 94 year old vet was perhaps being taken advantage of by others, law enforcement arrested him and put him in jail.
After months of negotiations with prosecutors, Attorney Chris Connelly was able to convince them to dismiss these charges against Mr. Ponischil.
I would like to personally thank attorney Christopher Connelly for his work on this case and I’m sure that I’m joined by the entire cannabis community. The thought that a man could survive a Nazi U Boat attack in World War II and then be arrested and taken into a jail because of an American Drug War being waged upon its own citizens is sickening to me. It is rather astonishing that trained law enforcement officers didn’t think that they could do some further investigation or just write a ticket and felt the need to arrest a man in his mid-90s.
I’m just glad that Mr. Ponischil had good representation and can hopefully put this whole ordeal behind him and enjoy the rest of his time on this planet without worrying that the next knock on his door isn’t going to be armed officers taking him to jail. Despite the dismissal of these ridiculous charges, the fact that a World War II war veteran without any criminal record would be arrested for cannabis possession demonstrates the fact that no one, or even our pets, are safe until we end the failed and harmful Drug War.

Such a shame that police officers felt the need to arrest a 94-year old WWII vet with no criminal record and haul him off to jail.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

TEXAS Residents Report Forced Micro Chipping By Jade Helm Operatives

People in the town of Clint, Texas are reporting that American soldiers have rounded up hundreds of civilians and forced them to submit to RFID implantation.
Currently Jade Helm 15 is operating just miles outside of Clint, Texas, leaving many to wonder if the two are related.

Jade Helm has been steeped in controversy since it was first announced by the military on March 23 2015, and concerned Texans have been on high alert for a potential gun-grab, or martial law scenario ever since. The governor of Texas has even deployed the National Guard to defend against any potential hostile takeover attempts. The US government has described Jade Helm as a military training exercise which focuses on specific terrains, but folks remain skeptical, and with good reason.
Several eye witness reports state that residents in the small town were rounded up and brought to an abandoned shopping mall in the area. There they were given the choice between RFID implantation, or imprisonment in the makeshift military base.
Tweets from witnesses have surfaced on the net.
United Media Publishing contacted one witness who had been microchipped and released. They told us the following.
“Military personnel rounded up everyone on our street. They forced their way into the homes of people who wouldn’t open their doors. We were put on military trucks and drove to the old Hartwell Mall about ten miles from here. We were separated and put in holding cells based on our age and gender. We were then called 3 at a time to another room and given the option to have an RFID implant, or be imprisoned in the base for an unspecified amount of time. Some of the soldiers were arguing amongst themselves.. I could hear one of them saying, “this isn’t what I signed up for. I wanted to protect Americans, not imprison them…”, but the officer in charge reminded them that they have their orders, and if they’re not carried out then they would be thrown into prison themselves.”
As of yet no major news outlets have covered the unfolding events in Clint, Texas, leaving residents to wonder who will speak up about the human rights violations that they have suffered.
The mayor of Clint, Texas declined to comment as did military officials. United Media Publishing will be bringing the public up to date information on this event as it unfolds.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fluoride Linked to Coronary Heart Disease

Dental fluorosis is a condition caused by too much fluoride, and it’s on the rise in the United States, despite the US government knowing about it for some time now. Though it can happen to anyone, the condition  (which ruins teeth) affects more children than adults, primarily because children’s teeth are still developing and more susceptible to fluorosis.
But did you know that dental fluorosis is also a biomarker for coronary heart disease?

When Will the Fluoride Poisoning Stop?
Per the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in 2010:  “Prevalence of dental fluorosis was higher among younger persons and ranged from 41% among adolescents aged 12-15 to 9% among adults aged 40-49.” That rate of 41% in  adolescents aged 12-15 increased from 22.6% back in 1986-87  (almost double).
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services planned in 2010  tolower the amount of fluoride allowed in water, though so far there has been no change to the amounts of fluoride added.
Today, the CDC still promotes fluoridation to water as well fluoride dental products.
Fluoride and Heart  Disease
In  2013, a study in Ireland was prompted over concern with that fluorosis might be linked with cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death in Ireland.
The study found that the concern was indeed justified:  “Dental Fluorosis is a biomarker for coronary heart disease (CHD). Professor Takamori’s research team observed that children with dental fluorosis have a higher incidence of heart damage and an increase in abnormal heart rhythm than those without fluorosis.”
In lieu of the evidence, will the government of Ireland stop their policy of mandatory fluoridation of the population of Ireland?
And regarding the US?

Well,  in summary:
In 2010, the US  government knew people were ingesting dangerous levels of  fluoride, knowing causing florosis in 40% of children (among other things) and now potentially contributing to the  increasing incidence of cardiovascular disease in the United States. Regulators  said the amount of fluoride in drinking water should be lowered. However…
  • 2011: There was no change to fluoride levels allowed in drinking water
  • 2012: There was no change  to fluoride levels allowed in drinking water
  • 2013: There was no change to  fluoride levels allowed in drinking water
  • 2014: We are still  waiting…
Meanwhile,  US dentists still promote the use of fluoride treatments,  fluoride toothpaste, and  fluoride mouthwash, despite  the evidence that it is linked to heart disease,  and  other illnesses.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fire Storm's Overrunning Northern California

The hot, smoky fire, about 110 miles north of San Francisco has threatened nearly 10,000 homes and so far 100,000 acres have burned...All of northern California is covered with haze and smoke...Battalion Chief Carl Schwettmann of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said, "With these drought-stricken fuels, it’s just moving at an extremely high rate of speed.” Nearly 3,000 firefighters from across the state battled the stubborn fire Monday, as 19 helicopters dropped water and four air tankers dumped fire retardant.