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Monday, November 4, 2013

U.S. government may force doctors to accept Obamacare and Medicare patients, eventually at gunpoint

(NaturalNews) The primary tool of socialism is force, and while that force usually begins with good intentions codified into law, it inevitably ends up with the kind of force used by Mao Zedong to murder millions of his own citizens. "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun," he famously stated, and Obama-supporting democrats are following in his footsteps.

Word from the street is that Kathleen Murphy, a democrat running for the House, wants to make it a legal requirement that doctors accept Medicare and Obamacare patients.

Many doctors, of course, have already announced that will not accept such patients because they would go bankrupt if they did.
The government's payout on medical services rendered to patients in these groups is a total joke, you see: doctors sometimes receive only 30% of what they actually billed. And they can't negotiate, either. The government simply tells you what you "get" to receive in terms of payment, regardless of how much you actually billed as a doctor.

So forcing doctors to accept Medicare / Obamacare patients is the same as forcing them to work for free. Most doctors won't work for free, as they have their own families to financially support, so they'll simply quit the industry altogether. That, in turn, will cause a radical worsening of the existing doctor shortage across the USA, resulting in yet more people going without health care.

Force doctors to practice medicine at gunpoint

The reaction by democrats to all this, of course, will be to make it illegal for doctors to quit. And that will sooner or later be enforced at gunpoint, because force is the only tool that socialists really understand since they operate in total ignorance of the mechanisms of the free market and informed consumer choice. With Obama and the democrats, it's always "Mandate! Mandate! Mandate!" even if it means assigning a government paramilitary worker to hold a pistol to the head of every doctor across America to make them see patients against their will.

And why not? Obamacare already forces hundreds of millions of American citizens to buy health insurance against their will. Now Kathleen Murphy wants to force doctors to accept all these patients against their will. Where does it ever end?

I'll tell you where it ends: Violent revolution. Every socialist entitlement dream -- whether it's in China, Venezuela, Argentina or even Fascist-style systems like Nazi Germany -- always end in violent collapse and mass slaughter.

Because, you see, a centrally-planned economy simply never works. And once the government has to resort to threats, penalties and force to make everyone comply, you end up with nothing more than an oppressive police state where everybody is angry, everybody lives in fear, and the costs of goods and service skyrocket because the free market is crippled.

Sooner or later the people revolt and overthrow the tyranny for the simple reason that liberty is part of the DNA of all humans. We are beings with free will and consciousness, and that means we don't want to be enslaved and forced to act against our will -- especially not by a criminal, incompetent government run like a mafia.

A health care voucher system would slash costs almost immediately

The way to really bring down health care costs in America while still fulfilling part of the Big Government dream of entitlements to the masses would be for Obama to announce a voucher system where every person gets (for example) $500 / month in a free health care voucher that they can spend as they like.

This would put consumers in the position of actually shopping around for affordable doctors, affordable medications and even preventive services such as holistic health care fitness memberships or dietary supplements that prevent chronic disease.

A voucher system is the opposite of the current monopoly system, and that's exactly why democrats hate voucher systems: They give people the freedom to choose. Government hates choice, and the Obama government in particular hates the entire private sector. Deep inside, all Obama supporters believe in a soviet-style centrally-planned economy, and they live in a matrix of wild delusions in which they believe government actually delivers services more efficiently and cheaply than the private sector.

Just look at Healthcare.gov if you want to refute that delusion. In truth, no institution is more inefficient, wasteful and crooked in delivering services than the government itself. That's why the real solution to health care in America is to allow consumers to shop for their own treatments, cures, insurance policies and doctor visits using free market principles of 1) informed consumers, 2) freedom to choose, 3) incentives for consumers to find the best price.

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