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Sunday, December 11, 2011

TCF bank penalizes kid with $4.85 in his account by charging him $234.95 in fees in two weeks

TCF Bank, formerly Twin City Federal, is grabbing every cent they can get their greedy hands on...A young man left $4.85 in his TCF Bank account. TCF assessed him a $9.95 "maintenance fee" for not having enough money in his account. Then they charged him for being overdrawn by $5.10 (ten cents more than he was allowed by their rules). In less than two weeks, they'd assessed so many fees and penalties against the account holder that he owed them $229.10. All for having the temerity to have a low-balance account. The bank said it was his own fault for not having more money. Finally, they relented -- only after being contacted by a newspaper.

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