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Monday, October 31, 2011

SPECIAL ALERT: From A Vet For Peace

If you are at a protest and Police fire tear gas, flash bangs or smoke grenades....Seek shelter at once!

NON LETHAL WEAPONS ARE A LIE! They are most frequently launched with he M79 Grenade Launcher which was responsible for as many deaths of American troops in Vietnam, Iraqi, Afghanistan actions and what we call “friendly fire.” What killed our Army and Marines? They died when hit by tear gas rounds, parachute illumination rounds, practice rounds, the kind of things used in Oakland.

Simply put, you can’t shoot a half pound of hardened aluminum with an explosive device into the head of any passerby you choose without expecting consequences, which should included prison sentences of 5 years, uniform or not!

The weight of the projectile is .45 pounds, roughly that of a baseball but as they are made of hardened aluminum alloy projectiles shaped for penetration. They are considered not “less lethal” but fully lethal if impacting a human body in Army training manuals.

Their lowest speed is close to 200 miles per hour, twice as fast as any professional baseball player can pitch. Speeds can well exceed that. Not only that, be warned that these round, the exact same rounds used illegally by Oakland Police, often malfunction and explode on impact much as with the high explosive rounds used against fortified positions in military combat, the actual purpose for the weapon itself.

Civil suits need to be filed against all elected officials who chose to misuse police forces when they knew there was a likelihood of criminal activity to occur at their direction....NOW IS THE TIME for all good citizens to come to the aid of their country.

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