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Friday, November 18, 2011

How Did Italy's New Imposed Fascism Come About?

First Italy's parliament was packed with Banksters and extremely wealthy people ( hand picked by corporations) and a few who were promised great wealth.

Then the Banksters pulled the plug using The European Central Bank (ECB)! Then the stacked parliament agreed to "appoint" Super Mario (Monti) to set up a group of banksters and "Corporate Leaders" (CEO's) to lead them from disaster by decree, which in fact makes him dictator for at least 2 years...NOW THAT IS THE VERY DEFINITION OF FASCISM!

Deutsche Bank and other German banks loaned huge sums of money (TRILLIONS) to Greece and Italy, knowing for a fact that at least half of the loaned money was being stolen by wealthy personal friends and business partners and government officials, and not caring, because they knew that the ECB would enforce “austerity,” and would demand that people who didn’t benefit from those loans, not the wealthy people who did, pay them back by the enforced looting of those countries of every asset. There will be riots; there may well even be civil war, but Deutsche Bank will be repaid and those countries’ infrastructure and archaeological treasures and other resources will end up in the hands of the banksters and their friends for pennies on the dollar, extracted at gunpoint by the Greek and Italian armies with whatever “stabilization” help they need from NATO – as a matter of sacred principle.

In Europe, the IMF wanted to take the heat off of themselves and they cleverly morphed the IMF riots into the ECB Riots....In the end they will offer A NEW WAY OUT thru a world basket of 'CURRENCY' (remember 'currency is MORE DEBT THRU BANK NOTES!)

Medvedev Unvails New World 'Currency Coin' At G8

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