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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Where Does It STOP: 2 Georgia Caregivers Waterboard 89-Year-Old Woman

When I saw that a 89-year-old woman was water-boarded by nursing home staff over an argument about ice cream, I knew something terrible was wrong across America. Spontaneous acts of tyranny have been cropping up lately like cancer tumors: a food tyrant in Nevada raids a farm picnic and orders everyone to destroy their food....student protesters in California get pepper-sprayed by thuggish cops who clearly enjoy causing pain and suffering and now nursing home staffers torture their own resident using techniques borrowed from Guantanamo Bay...Have we collectively lost our minds?

These random acts of tyranny aren't really random acts at all... They are the infantile acting-out of behaviors the childish American public has witnessed being demonstrated by their 'leaders.' The TSA sexually molesting air travelers isn't just a violation of fundamental human rights...it's also a demonstration to the mindless masses that this is now 'normal behavior in the USA.

So as the masses observe Big Government reaching down their own pants, they now get the message that it's okay to sexually molest little boys at sports stadiums, or that it's okay to take children away from parents through C.P.S. and then rape them as part of child relocation 'processing' procedures.

When the American people see George Bush set up secret military prisons and condone waterboarding torture techniques, they called for Obama to stop the practice. Obama promised he would, and then not long after becoming President, he expanded Gitmo and actually presided over an increase in funding for the military and all its secret torture facilities.

The message to the American people? If Obama supports it, then torture must be okay. After all, he won a Nobel Peace Prize, so "peace" must be something that can be achieved through torture.

Thus, we should not be at all surprised when an 89-year-old woman gets water-boarded in a nursing home. After all, those staffers are only doing to her what they've watched the U.S. leaders do to other human beings, too. Imagine how some were surprised, for some reason, the nursing home staff were arrested while all the high-level government operatives who engage in the exact same torture techniques are never even questioned... See Story Here 

When Good Men Do Nothing This Is How Far The USA Falls!

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