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Monday, November 28, 2011

Petition to pepper-spray Fox News

Ms. Kelly, on November 21, you told Bill O'Reilly that pepper spray (as used by Lt. John Pike to assault the UC Davis protestors) is "a food product, essentially." That was, of course, ridiculous.

While you allowed that the spray was "abrasive and intrusive", you wondered if it had been diluted (reportedly, it hadn't).

To back up your claim that pepper spray is a food product, please consume as much of it as was sprayed on each protestor's face, in one sitting, on camera at Fox News. You may mix the spray with one serving of food or drink, as I am not a sadist. Then, please relate the effects to your audience.

1 comment:

  1. Pepper spray is made from Cayenne Peppers and there is nothing synthetic about it. In an extremely few rare instances it has caused "death" to occur. Here is a link to see for yourself. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pepper_spray
    Personally, I have no problem at all with law enforcement using it when needed. Hell, if anything, it had to make those nasty, disgusting protesters smell better. I am only speaking of what I have witnessed first hand with the group "Occupy Wall Street" (Nashville group). They are funky, disgusting, dirty, stink and don't even have an answer when asked what they want. They just say we are the 99%, we are the American people. WTF does that mean, and really what do you want. As far as I am concerned, spray them again and again, @ UC, Nashville, Minneapolis, etc, etc, etc..... Only point was that it is made from food products and is completely made up of organic materials. I know that does not make it safe, but at least they weren't bullets.