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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

RED ALERT: Its Official Senate Strips Americans Of Constitutional rights!

Not only did the Senate pass a bill allowing for the indefinite detention of Americans THEY REFUSED to pass an amendment to that bill which would have prevented the indefinite detention of American citizens....Worse yet... some members Congress have come out and said the the language of the bill was written to be DELIBERATELY DECEPTIVE to the American people to allow for the denial of their due process...AND....They are Considering Bill Authorizing More Torture

If you protest as is your right and happen to have a pocket knife in your pocket, you have just taken up arms against the United States....you could find yourself in a FEMA Camp for as long as some bureaucrat/plutocrat wants to keep you there  WITHOUT THE RIGHT TO A LAWYER OR THE RIGHT TO GO TO COURT!

The Supreme Court has recently ruled there is no bar to the United States holding one of its own citizens as an enemy combatant....This is it folks....If you can't see the Tyranny come Fascism by now....go back to sleep until they come for YOU...

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